Top 4 Unusual Ways of Tweeting

1)Tweeting with the deceased:


Image via:Yankodesign.

E-Tombs is specially designed to virtually attach and communicate with the deceased through social networking. This social-media tombstone stores informations of the virtual life of the deceased and allows friends and familiy to access and update the online status through tweeting and social networking. E-Tombs is Bluetooth enabled and solar powered.

 2)Tweeting Teakettles:


Image via:Thedesignblog.

Ben Perman’s “Twettle” is perfect for tech-savvy people. This social media kettle connects to internet via Wi-Fi and allows the users to access their Tweeter account with a hot cup of tea.  It also informs how much water a user boiled.

3)The Canine Twitterer:


Image via:Technabob.

 In the information age even pets are stepping forward into a new form communication. The Canine Twitterer is a pet friendly device which is pre-loaded with 500 tweets. When the dog barks, the built-in motion sensor and microphone send updates to Twitter through a USB receiver plugged into the computer. To use this service the user has to set up a twitter account for the pet. Tweets such as “Having my daily workout. Already did 15 leg lifts!” can be automatically send through The Canine Twitterer.

4)Tweeting Footwear:


Image via:Popkalab.

Rambler shoes are very different from any conventional shoes. This social media footwear tracks the speed and pressure exerted by the user’s foot, and transmits the information to the phone via Bluetooth. Then it tweets to your Twitter account. Check the video below:

Rambler Shoes from ricardo O’nascimento on Vimeo.