Top 5 First Person Shooter Games of the Decade

More or less everyone is familiar with one of the most sought after games of the 90′;;s Wolfenstein 3D or Doom for that matter. The popularity of both the games got the attention of all the worldwide developers into this new genre of gaming. Through the times with improved graphics and better game play these games have developed a certain charisma of their own. Gamers playing these games are now no more stuck to unrealistic 8-bit environment, but can experience the game with mind boggling reality. With the anticipation really high with latest instalment of the call of duty series and battlefield I bring you some of the best shooter games seen in this decade with reference to their awesome game play and of course out of the world graphics

5) Half Life 2

This game actually needs no introduction. Half-life is a drug which can’t be satisfied until several hours of intense gaming is provided to the brain.
Released in 2004 it went on to become one of the best-selling games in history as it introduced unparalleled graphics (at that time ofcourse) and gameplay at manageable system requirements. The game was applauded for its innovation which its predecessor hadn’t managed to rectify. One of the things that pulled up the game was to provide optimum graphics which were not at the cost of crashing the RAM of the computer.
Apart from that it gave the player better environments and guns often coupled with puzzles. Online version of this game is massively popular and played across by millions even today. Although the game-play was good people often complained of poor frame rates, which was later, rectified. It became the best-selling game and also won 39 top gaming rewards. Play it for all your worth, I doubt you’;;ll leave the console before your you’;;ve done 4-5 hours of gaming

4) Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

The call of duty franchise has been one of the most sought after games after the series saw a boost through the call of duty modern warfare series. The game is compelling not only through its mouth-watering graphics but its raw reality in comparison with the setup of the game. The player can choose game altering decisions during the game which change the story line dramatically. Set in the future in 2025 the game features insane futuristic weaponry with the occasional shift through time to complete a enthralling tale left unfinished on black ops 1 which takes place 60 years before this game. Apart from the eye catching story line, graphics, game-play, devious weapons & eye popping twists the game also has the distinction of the best ever multi player gameplay seen till now. The game features several endings, each of them more jaw dropping than the other. Play it for yourself to find out more.


3) Battlefield 3

The intensity of the game is only matched by the graphics and reality given to it by EA. Powered by the all new Frost Bite 3 Engine battlefield 3 has all the makes for a game worth your money. Battlefield does not only enhance your visual game play, it lets you live it. One of the missions of the game allows you to fly a F-22 jet and another lets you operate a tank, With Insane graphics and completely realistic environments the single player campaigns scores on all accounts except one… It requires a large space on your RAM and requires optimal graphics configuration to run so unless you have at least 1 GB of GPU memory its unlikely to ever function without heating your PC seriously. Console users don’t have to worry. Other than that the game is a complete entertainer from starting to ending. Recommend to play at low volume due to explicit language.

2) Bioshock 2

Most FPS games will focus more on the story of the game. Not Bioshock though. It has gone full on with the most jaw dropping gaming experience you shall ever receive in a lifetime of gaming. The gore in the game may only be matched with the depiction of utmost reality in it. The best part of the game may be the graphical output which comes at a lower configuration. With a gameplay to kill for (literally!) this game has broken all records. The depiction of the environment puts the gamer views into perspective as to whether he is actually in a game or a real life movie. Enjoy this entertainer for its gameplay rather than its graphics, and become hooked till you decide to finish the entire game in a day. Believe me when i say it’s more than worth for your money. Go check it out for your own satisfaction.

1) Counter Strike

However simple it might be, however ordinary graphics it might have, there’;;s simply no denying that counter strike is one the most massively engaged multiplayer game in the world. Against all odds this game has thrived for almost a decade and is still receiving millions of users. This game, often called as the bible of shooting games, features players on 2 sides, namely counter terrorists and terrorists, with a single objective of killing the other side. Not one gamer who is alive can say i have not heard of counter strike. The game is so popular that it hosts massive international competitions where people from all over the world come to compete. A complete entertainer it helps in developing shooting skills in games, and does not require a vivid gameplay to feel the intensity. Play it now with friends to enjoy one of the most engaging games of all time.