Top 5 Sins Committed by People With Acne

Acne is one of the most common and irritating skin conditions one can have. One doesn’t have to be a hormonal teenager in order to have them; even adults can be susceptible to a little breakout or two. People with acne do everything in their power to get rid of unsightly pimples; it could be anti-acne products, visits with the dermatologist or healthy diets that can improve the condition of the skin. Whatever the solution is, people with acne should have in mind the top 9 mistakes that they do to their acne-ridden skin, which you should avoid if you want to clear up your complexion.

Squeezing the pimples out
You want to get rid of pimples, and you want to get rid of them fast. Most of the time, you can’t wait for the pesky things to dry themselves out, and you just want to squeeze them out so it won’t see the light of day. While it is very tempting to do this especially to those ripened ones already filled with pus and about to burst, exercise all your willpower and keep your hands to yourself. Most people suffering from acne will probably have dark scars after squeezing pimples, and scars definitely stay longer long after the pimples are gone. And yes, they are harder to get rid of.

Putting their hands on their faces every chance that they get
Oil is usually the common culprit behind acne, and remaining oil-free is obviously the best way not to have pimples. Touching your face all the time is not a good idea because the dirt and oil from your hands will easily transfer to your face.

Getting a facial treatment
A facial can be a great treat for the skin, but not for people with acne. Facials are great for those with regular skin, and can definitely perk up tired and sallow complexions, but it can prove disastrous for people with acne. You can get severe irritation and can worsen your acne even more.

Putting blind faith in pricey medications
Sure, you have to buy some treatments in order to help get rid of the acne, but a lot of people equate pricey with effectiveness. They believe that a little dab of the expensive cream or gel will make the pimple go away overnight, but this is not the case, especially for severe acne. It takes several days for a pimple to go away, and no amount of dollars can reverse that fact.

Forgetting to maintain their skin care regimen
Just because some of your pimples disappeared doesn’t mean that you can stop washing your face. There are some who get complacent once they saw results. Remember, the key to a clear, acne-free skin is maintenance. In order to keep away pimples for good, you should keep washing your face with the product that works for you, and apply astringent or toner if necessary. Also, it is best to be armed with a face blotter to blot away the icky, oily film from your face during the day.