Top Easy-Going Dog Breeds

Looking for a laid-back dog that’s just as happy relaxing at home as he is playing in the park? Check out these breeds that come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to match your lifestyle—and throw pillows.)

14.  Bulldogs

Known for their gentle disposition, lovable personality and signature wrinkles, the Bulldog is one of the most popular breeds of dog.

Gentle and protective, they form strong bonds with children and are known for being excellent family pets.

Bulldogs require minimal grooming and exercise and prefer to stay indoors or in the shade in warm weather because of their flat, short noses.

13.  Bullmastiff

A strong, powerful dog with a natural instinct to please, the Bullmastiff is another breed well suited for families, according to the AKC.

Though they’ve been successful in agility training and carting, they don’t require much exercise and can live happy in a home or an apartment. They are stubborn, however, and will need consistency in training.

12. Pug

A breed that adapts easily to any situation, from living in a home with a big yard to residing in a small apartment with minimal exercise, Pugs are known for being playful, social and willing to please, according to the AKC.

While they’re popular companion dogs, they also excel in dog shows. They need minimal exercise and because of their short coats, require little grooming.

11. Chihuahua

An excellent city dog because of their size, Chihuahuas are known for being alert and dedicated to their owners.

They require minimal exercise and grooming but can be sensitive to cold temperatures. An extremely intelligent breed, they may try to be bold and park to protect their owners, but their toy size make them rather ineffective guard dogs!

10. French Bulldog

A breed that originated as a companion dog and continues to be used as such today, French Bulldogs are prized for their personable and affectionate nature, according to the AKC.

Recognizable by their large, bat-like ears, they are active without being rowdy and are happy to spend their time indoors and on your lap. Because of their short, flat faces, they must be kept cool in warm weather.

9. Pekingese

Though they are small, Pekingese are courageous family dogs. They are independent and intelligent while remaining affectionate and devoted to their owners.

Pekingese enjoy walks, but certainly don’t need a large yard or much outdoor space. Because of their long coats, they do require regular brushing to keep them tangle and mat free.

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

An adaptable and easy to train breed, The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is compatible for city or country dwellers and families with varying degrees of activity.

Flexible in their need for exercise, they are happy sleeping with you on the couch or going outside for long walks, according to the AKC. While the breed typically weighs 13 to 18 pounds, many are larger. Moreover, many experts consider Cavalier King Charles Spaniels well suited to families with children.

7. Chow Chow

With a thick coat and a muscular build, the Chow Chow is a descendant of ancient China.

While they originated as working dogs, they’re primarily found as companion or show dogs today, according to the AKC. According to many experts, they’re about as active as house cats and are happy with a short daily walk.

They can be independent and stubborn like cats, too, and require early socialization and training in addition to regular grooming.

6.  Skye Terrier

A loyal and agile breed, the rare Skye Terrier is adaptable and happy to participate in obedience and agility training as much as they are relaxing on the couch. They’ll match their activity level to yours, and will be satisfied with brief walks or a little bit of play on lazy days.

5. Shih Tzu

Obedient and trusting lap dogs, Shih Tzus are bred to be companions and thrive on attention. They have an upbeat, playful attitude.

While they enjoy short walks, they are generally just as happy romping around your home as they would be outside. Because of their intelligence, they can be stubborn and require a strong, consistent hand in training.

4. Irish Wolfhound

The most relaxed dog of the hound group, the Irish Wolfhound is also one of the oldest dog breeds in existence. Used to hunt wolves, deer and boar, Irish Wolfhounds are most commonly seen today as companion dogs.

An extremely large but gentle breed, Irish Wolfhounds are affectionate and gentle with children and are friendly with other dogs. If given a secure space to run in at least once a day, the Irish Wolfhound can fare well in either the city or the country. They do, however, require lots of space because of their giant size, so be sure to save them a big piece of the couch for relaxing on.

3. Greyhound

Though they’re intense on the racetrack, Greyhounds (particularly rescued Greyhounds) can be wonderful family dogs that are calm and relaxed at home.

An ancient breed that has been used as a sight hound in addition to a racing dog, Greyhounds are very gentle with people and other dogs and can easily live in an apartment setting. Referred to as “the world’s fastest couch potato,” Greyhounds are relaxed and low-key at home and eager to please. The breed does, however, have a tendency to chase after cats or other small animals and may not be the best choice for families with small pets.

2. Great Dane

Bred as a war dog and wild boar hunter, Great Danes are more commonly seen now as a loving and loyal companion pet. Though it is an extremely large breed, Great Danes have moderate energy levels and don’t require too much exercise.

Known for being a lap dog in a giant’s body, the Great Dane is affectionate with its people and does well with children and other animals when raised together. The Great Dane should be given plenty of indoor space and a large, soft bed for relaxing in.

1. Maltese

Known as the quintessential lap dog, the Maltese is an ancient breed that became popular among English royalty during the 1800s.

A playful, self-confident breed, the Maltese is among the most popular toy breeds for its affectionate and gentle demeanor. A fearless dog that can make a good watchdog for its tendency to bark at strangers, Maltese dogs are relaxed and calm at home provided they receive proper exercise and stimulation from training or play. The exercise needs for this feisty, bold breed can be met with a short walk on the leash, romp in the yard or fast-paced indoor game.