Topics For Articles And Blogs

Remember, there are topics all around us. The key is noticing them.

Below is the list of topics and ideas for articles and blog posts sorted by their sources

  1. 1. Newspapers

Newspapers can provide us with a lot of topics for articles.

  • You can write an article about your own perspective on a news report.
  • You may write an article about how a particular incident in another part of the world will affect life in your region.
  • You can write articles on topics related to the burning issues of the day. For example, if there has been an oil spill in some part of the world, you can create an article on 

                       Oil spills in general

                        The various major oil spills over the years,

                       How they have affected the environment, etc.

  • Newspapers columns also discuss various aspects of our day to day life. Such columns can also provide topics for articles along with numerous intersting ideas. But make sure that you do not copy your work from the newspaper.


The TV provides us with a variety of information, entertainment, news, sports, etc. and all these are potentially rich in topics for articles.

  • You can write about your favourite TV series
  • You can write a movie review of a movie you just watched.
  • You can write an article about your favourite TV stars or your favourite movie actors.
  • Or you can share your views on a cartoon character.
  • You can discuss the changing face of television and emerging trends in the world of TV.
  • Channels like Discovery and National Geographic provide a vast treasure trove of information, ideas and topics for articles. However, make sure you write your article in your own words and do not simply lift words and phrases from the shows.
  • Apart from that, you can also give your own perspective on a news story covered.
  • You can even write a review of the TV set!

The possibilities are endless

3. The Internet

The internet provides plenty of topics for articles

  • You can review various websites and inform people about services that different websites provide.
  • You can also write short accounts of various websites under different categories such as

    • Websites that publish articles
    • Websites that have the best online games
    • Websites that are truly unusual, etc
  • The internet is teeming with various software and often people are not sure which one is best suited to their needs. If you are into software, then you might be able to review and discuss various softwares and explain their uses.
  • The internet is constantly changing. You can write an article discussing the latest trends in the internet.
  • What are the social networking sites you use? What do you like most about social networking and why? How can you use the various features of a social networking site?

If you think about it, all these are potential topics for articles.

  • Write about how a particularly difficult game might be won, etc.

4. An incident

We often experience interesting incidents in our day to day life which might show various facets of human nature. These incidents are often forgotten but they do provide topics for intersting articles. You may write articles chronicling these incidents.

5. You can also write instruction type articles about something you are good at.

  • How to do so and so.
  • Easy ways to do this, etc.

6. Books and magazines

  • You can write book and magazine reviews.
  • You can also compile a list of books you liked and give a short description of all the books mentioning why you like them.
  • You can discuss the finer points of a particular book.
  • Likewise you can make a similar list of your favourite magazines.


  • Try to write articles in you own words and try to develop your own distinctive style of writing
  • Always check your finished work using copyscape or some other plagiarism checker to be on the safe side.

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These are just a few things that you can write about in your articles and blogs.

So go ahead and write an article!

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