Tourists Try To Throw Food At Zoo Gorilla, The Beast Responds Using Sign Language

The massive size of gorillas makes it easy to forget just how smart they are. Gorillas are really clever and this why they always are the main attraction of all zoos. They interact with the visitors and this is a once in a lifetime experience. Nonetheless, today we are going to share with you an amazing story about a gorilla from the Miami Zoo who started using sign language in order to talk to the visitors.

20. Ferocious Beasts

Even though books describe lions as the kings of the jungle, gorillas are the ones who actually deserve this title. Gorillas are massive ferocious beasts that deal with any threat just by using their muscles. However, there is something even scarier about them.

19. Clever Animals

While the sheer size of their muscles should be more than enough to scare people away, the scariest thing about gorillas is how smart they are. Some of them are so clever that they even learn sign language in order to communicate with people.

18. The Friendliest Of Bunch

What’s even more incredible about gorillas is that they can be quite friendly. In fact, the connection between a gorilla and its caretaker is really powerfull. Just take the picture featured up above for example.

17. Miami Zoo

The Miami Zoo has lots of incredible animals but the most famous one is a gorilla. Someone filmed a video of this gorilla a while ago and the video went viral because the gorilla started communicating with the visitors through sign language.

16. Not Your Business!

The big gorilla was just minding its own business relaxing under the sun when some tourists started talking to it. To their surprise, the gorilla started staring them right in their eyes. Could the ferocious beast understand them?

15. Offering Food

The tourists started offering food to the gorilla. This is something that no one should do at the zoo and the gorilla knew this too well. The reason why we are saying this is because the gorilla kept looking at its caretaker when the tourists were offering food.

14. Sign Language

The tourists wouldn’t stop asking the gorilla if it wants food and the giant beast started shaking its head. The gorilla started communicating with the people around through sign language and everyone was blown away!

13. Checking For Permission

The gorilla kept looking towards her caretaker as if it was expecting for him to say that it’s okay to eat the food from the tourists. Unfortunately for the big gorilla, the caretaker said: “please, don’t feed the gorilla”.

12. Amazing Moment

Everyone who noticed how the gorilla was communicating through sign language was amazed. Good thing someone decided to film this because otherwise, no one would’be ever believed that a gorilla from the zoo knows sign language.

11. Extending The Hand

The gorilla’s caretaker left after a couple of moments and the ferocious beast extended its hands towards the tourists. Isn’t this the sneakiest gorilla you have ever seen?

10. Yum-Yum

The tourists threw some food towards the gorilla’s way and the animal ate it really fast. Although, the gorilla kept looking to see if its caretaker would show up out of nowhere while taking large bites out of the food.

9. Good Food

We have to agree that this gorilla is much more clever and sneakier than we anticipated at first. Did you ever expect that a gorilla would care if its caretaker noticed it eating food that it wasn’t allowed to have? This shows us how much the gorilla respects the caretaker.

8. Meet Bobo

Even though gorillas are intimidating, this doesn’t mean that they will hurt anything that moves. This big guy is named Bobo and he impressed everyone when he made friends with someone that was the size of his finger!

7. Wild Bush Baby

A wild bush baby got lost and somehow ended up near Bobo’s enclosure. Everyone feared that the small animal is going to be hurt by the big gorilla, but the exact opposite happened! Bobo took the animal into its palms and cared for it.

6. Incredible Moment

Seeing how the massive gorilla gently picked up the wild bush baby into its palm is an incredible moment. If you needed any more proof that gorillas are smart, then seeing Bobo being gentle is all you need!

5. Best Friends

If there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that the little wild bush baby is never going to have to deal with bullies. Who is ever going to pick on this little animal when he has a big gorilla as his best friend?

4. The Silverback

Although, we have to mention that different types of gorillas such as the silverback are not known for being too friendly. In fact, the silverback is the only gorilla that sleeps on the ground and not in trees because it knows that no one wants to mess with it.

3. The Real Kings

As we mentioned in the beginning, lions are called the Kings of the Jungle. However, we think that gorillas might be the ones who really deserve this title.

2. Amazing Beasts

Gorillas are amazing beasts and there else no doubt about. We can only wonder how many things they can learn. Let’s hope that clever gorillas such as the one from the Miami Zoo will keep revealing their true intelligence.

  1. The Ending

We hope that the stories about the two gorillas you’ve seen today have taught you something new about gorillas. These animals are intelligent and they can also be quite gentle and control their strength, especially with smaller animals.