Tours to Europe -Cheap Vacation Packages- Murcia, Spain

Murcia A traveler’s delight :-

Murcia ia a regional capital  in inland Spain that is famous for Commerce and agriculture. The traditional trade and agriculture once mooted by the Moors is still in its splendour and glory thanks to the  modern agricultural  practices  presently being adopted .

Murcia originally  inhabited  by the Iberian tribes who had trade connection with phoenicians and greeks later on developed into a Roman colony. Cartagena the port of the town is known for its hostorical legacy evident from the Museums and the salt water lagoons and The Costa Calida the mediterenian coast with the splendorous beaches are other major attractions.

One can’t miss the Cathedral de santa Maria in this historical town that was built on a mosque in the year 1394 to be suffered severe damage in the floods of the early seventeenth century leaving no signs of the original gothic style of architecture.

Murcia ia shoppers delight as it offers many a shops of boutiques and Art shops. A visit to this town is inevitable during the stay in Spain. The Air port at Murcia known as Murcia San Javier Airport is built in an inner lagoon of arounnd 170 K.Ms  The airport is well connected and the To and fro Journey may be made comfortable either in Buses or by  hired Cars .    

  Parking facility for your car is available  at the airport, that provides free parking for sufficient number  vehicles. Plenty of Taxis are also availbale for the traveler.A journey to Murcia the trade and agriculture center of the Spain is worth considering .

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