Train Your Working Memory


Today, there are software that can aid in expanding the capability of your working memory. This working memory is your short term memory used for data that we process actively in order to think, work on issues and get to decisions, as we keep away from distractions. The ability of this working memory is associated directly to our IQ. So when we train the capability of our working memory, we are able to achieve better IQ levels. This is the only way to increase your IQ. You can get this scientific training software from the company ‘High IQ Pro’.

Here are some ways to train your working memory:

The best way to train your working memory is to use the same software used by Jaeggi in her study. You cannot get the same package that contains what will automate something termed as n-back training. However, you can use Brain Workshop which is a free open source software that quite closely simulates the methods used in working memory studies. This package for brain fitness is free of cost and you can download it from the internet.

Even though n-back training is valuable, you might want to try some other things as well. Your concentration or the working memory can also be trained with visual games like a matching game that requires you to recall the position of images. There are various games like these online.

If you are away from your computer, why not try Sudoku? You can work this on papers or you can find an application for your handheld or phone. You can even download and print these online. If you do not know what Sudoku is, get online!

When standing in a queue at the market, choose numbers from magazines on the stand and add them up in your head. If this sounds too simple, subtract and multiply by a different number. If you are still not challenged enough, do a mental square root.

When sitting on the couch at home, visualize the route from home to a place you do not visit so often. Get a mental picture of your home and then think of the first turn and carry on till you get to your destination. Once there, reverse the path back home.