Travel Destinations – Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the Baltic states. Similarly to Estonia and Latvia, it is a place worthy of visiting. Its culture, beautiful nature and interesting history attracts tourist from all over the world.

International tourists are most probably to arrive via one of the Lithuania’s international airports (Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga Airport). When planning your vacation in Lithuania, it is a great idea to search the internet for accommodations in the targeted areas. You will find out that there are many different possibilities. You can either book a hotel room or stay in the motels. Those who would like more privacy could rent a room in guesthouse. People who like adventure and being in nature can stay in some of the many local campsites. Prices vary from one hotel to another depending mainly at location and quality of offered services. However, even those with tiny budget should be able to find a suitable place to stay.

Once you arrive to Lithuania, you should not skip its capital Vilnius. There is a beautiful historical part of the town which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list. This old town with many baroque and gothic buildings is a must for everyone who likes history and architecture. However, Vilnius has also a lot to offer to people with different tastes. It is a modern European city with many cafes, restaurant and nightclubs. Those with higher budget can also enjoy a shopping spree in local shops and shopping centers.

Tourists who desire leisure can also have a good time in Lithuania. There are spas and holiday resorts that will provide a great leisure time. For example, Palanga offers beautiful beaches with dunes, luxurious hotels, cafes, restaurant, clubs and even casinos. On the other hand, Neringa will please those who enjoy peaceful and quiet moments in beautiful nature. This coastal area has a unique wooden architecture and is one of the most scenic spots in the world. As such it was even added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Druskininkai is a spa resort with beautiful nature that is also worth visiting.

Apart from popular holiday resorts and spa, Lithuania also offers a beautiful nature of five national parks and 30 regional parks. People who love beautiful natural sceneries can enjoy these areas. Lithuania’s countryside offers many opportunities to spend your vacation. There are many natural landmarks worth seeing and you can even rent a room at many of the local farmsteads. There are also many craftsmen and craftswomen who’s workshops you can visit and buy yourself a beautiful and unique souvenirs.

People looking for active holiday have also a lot of opportunities in Lithuania. They can go cycling and enjoy both, their favorite sport and beautiful local nature. Those with more adventurous tastes can attend horse-riding lessons and then hire a horse for a nice trip into the nature. Others can enjoy Lithuania’s beautiful countryside from a boat as there are about 20 rivers available for this kind of activity in Lithuania.

To conclude, whether you like beautiful natural sceneries, history, sports or seek leisure, Lithuania has a lot to offer to you. You can visit one of the famous holiday resorts or spend your vacation in countryside which offers many interesting places and activities as well.