Travel Diaries: Hong Kong

Going to Hong Kong was something I had always dreamed of doing since I was little and reality came to pass!  I was privileged enough to take my family with me in May and we spent a week there.  What followed was a week of non-stop walking and it seemed like half of our time was spent on the MTR (the local train service), but what we would see was like we were in Heaven.

Hong Kong is situated perfectly on water, with the mountains surrounding the city.  The city seemed like a model because of its organization!  Condominiums, apartments, and office buildings were all arranged in an almost perfect way, which makes the city very comfortable.  As we walked around the parks, there was no litter and the people seemed very content with their city. 

I almost became a professional at using the MTR.  This train took us to everywhere we wanted to go and would be familiar to us over the next week.  When my wife heard about a market specifically for ladies, that was suddenly put first on the agenda.  I found myself carrying two Luis Vuitton purses, and my daughter as she used her free hands to try on Chinese silk and other styles of clothing.  Temple Street market was next on the list and it was my turn.  She was carrying everything and I was trying on Rado watches and buying Hong Kong shirts for gifts for my family.  The money was running low that I had budgeted for the first day and we were headed back to out $50/night luxury hotel that was indeed top notch.  Standing by the window and viewing the whole city was worth the little money we paid in itself.

When we found out that Hong Kong had a Disneyland, we thought our daughter would enjoy that.  Mickey, Mini, Cinderella and more were there for my daughter’s eyes to feast on.  The pictures we got with them will last a lifetime and that alone may have made the whole trip to see my daughter’s glowing face.  To top that off, we ate dinner with Mickey and Donald Duck at one of the Disneyland Hotels.  We probably spent more on dinner than all of the shopping put together, but then again, there is no price tag for memories like the ones we got from that trip.

Hong Kong is a dream and if you can make it a reality, you will understand why it is a dream!