Trickle Down Doesn’t Work

We tried it for 12 years starting in 1980. We tried it again starting in 2000 for eight years. I think we finally are getting it. Trickle down economics doesn’t work. It might as a theory but in real-life it just doesn’t work. Why? Because of the human factor. But this blog is not about a discussion of greed and morals. Let’s explore a better way.

In case you haven’t noticed the way we do business is changing. Changing very fast. In the past few months we as a country have seen many large corporations and banks that we thought were solid as rocks suddenly appear at Washington’s door-step asking for bail-outs. Maybe had they been trickling down over the years to those below them our economy would not be in the shape its in now. Instead they chose the way of rewarding upper management way beyond the limits of common sense whether they performed well or not. Even while taking bail outs from the public trough they still gave out outrageous bonus’ to undeserving employees and managers. Where I come from if you don’t do your job well you’re shown the door not given a bonus, but that’s a topic for another day.

It’s time to change the thinking concerning how we do business today. With the technology available today we don’t have to be depended on large corporations and their lumbering bureaucratic structures to provide this country with jobs. This country wasn’t founded by large corporations, it was founded by small businessmen looking to create an environment that would nurture capitalism, not stifle it. Today, we are those people, the small business owners who will save this economy.

How can we save it? How can we, the small business owners, ever hope to save this economy? By our shere numbers. People who are feed up with being laid off at the slightest hint of a down turn, people who are tired of seeing good ideas die by committee on the conference table. People who are smart, thinking, innovative, and visionary, are fed up with large corporations and by the thousands are starting their own small businesses.

This is the revolution that this country needs. Thousands of small companies will strengthen our economy by diversifying it. By not having all of our eggs in one basket we become stronger as a nation. The time is right for a new idea.

Let’s send a message to the people at the top. We are fed up with your greed, your inability to lead, and your antiquated ways. We, the people, are now standing up and saying enough is enough. We are now calling the shots. From now on we are going to be a country of trickle up, not down. We, the small businesses of this nation, will, by our vast numbers, run this economy from here on out. We will innovate, revolutionize, and completely overhaul this economy. In doing so WE will reap the benefits, not the large companies. WE will trickle up what’s left over after we have had our fill, and we will play the tune that the rest will march to. Now is the time for all small businesses to pledge their support to this new way of thinking.

We need to learn how to do things faster, better and more productively. We need to cut out the waste and learn to operate lean and mean. We need to support each other collectively so we all succeed. We need to show the big corporations how it should be done. We need to be the leaders who will lead this country into a new era of prosperity. We will by our numbers have power and strength through networking and cooperation, not hateful competition and isolation. We will usher in a new era of doing business that this world has never seen because we are Americans and we have historically lead the world in business. We will create an environment that will nurture the free enterprise system and ensure that it will survive the next century unscathed and intact. We will win this revolution with ideas and innovation. Now in this time of crisis it’s time to stand up and be counted, just as our forefathers did so many years ago.