Triond – A Writing Site With The Freedom to do Whatever You Chose!

If you are looking for another writing site to write on, and you want freedom to do whatever you want (without the writing site interfering) then Triond may be for you.  In this article I will list the pros and cons of Triond, so you can make the decision.  We will start off with the pros:

1.  Its easy to start earning straight away!  It does not take months to start making money on Triond, you can start earning in your first few days there.

2.  Articles publish very quickly.  This depends on the time of day, but usually an article will be published only a few minutes after submission.  During peak hours however, articles may take several hours to be processed.

3.  Complete freedom to do whatever you want!  Triond will publish almost anything that you submit.  Be it a Runescape free account article or a fake celebreity death, you can find it all on Triond.

4.  Their site is very easy to understand, and they pay on time via PayPal every month.  They pay out on the 10th, and you only need 50 cents in your account in order to get paid.  You can also choose to be paid via check.  However you must have at least $50 in your account before they will send you a check.

5.  It has a colorful community.  If you enter the Triond forum, you will soon find that the regulars are a colourful & creative bunch (with a few spammers and trolls thrown in too).

Those are the main pros of Triond.  It looks pretty good so far, however there are some cons too:

1.  Due to the lack of publishing control, there is a lot of rubblish published on Triond.  This bothers some people, but others don’t really care.  If you are one of the people who does not care about this sort of thing, read on!

2.  Triond isn’t the best site for passive income.  You can make lots of money in short bursts, but you cannot continue to generate passive income over a long period of time very easily.

3.  The websites where Triond articles are published load slowley and are overloaded with ads.  This can drive away quite a lot of traffic.

4.  Their hot content list and hot users list are very out of date.  It doesn’t really matter, but it can be a bit annoying seeing a “hot user” with no content.  And the same article on the hot content list that has been there for years.

That does it for the pros and cons of Triond.  If you think Triond is for you, then you can easily sign up here: