True Love Is….

Many people are wondering what true love is. Surely, they have their own opinion about it. Nevertheless, one and the same opinion is that true love will never find its end. As a poet says that true love will always exists till the death do us apart.

Moreover, most of people believe that it occurs in a marriage. People are marrying their lovers because of love, and a lot of people admit it as true love because when they get married, they do fall passionately in love with their couple.

If so, then the question appearing is why should divorce exist in this world if true love stands for one’s life? I myself argue that it is likely that everybody has their true love not for one person only. But, is it sure?

When I start to think it out, I wonder why a mother always loves her children no matter how their children are. It is obviously seen that mother’s love and care to her children never get decrease although their children are so naughty, scold her, angry with her, never obey her advice, and so on, so to speak. In my mind, there must be true love in every mother’s feeling.

In the middle of this thought, I get another inspiration from one of famous world motivators, Mario Teguh, that when we try to understand true love, we have to pay attention on three important things, they are the subject (the lover), the object (one being loved), and the love itself. He argues that true love is a matter of the love, neither the subject nor the object. He explains that even though the subject or the object changes to be anything, love does not turn at all. Love directs one to love and it also navigates the lover to always motivate, care, appreciate, respect, and love the one being loved. Love is beautiful when we dare to be honest.

Actually, this idea is suitable with mother’s state to her baby. If so, then people must be careful for feeling they are felt. We have to be able to consider the true feeling to other people, trying not to mistaken it.

After trying to understand it, I start to infer several questions related to it:
1.What if we find our couple’s affair?
2.What if our couple does physical abuse to us?
3.What if our couple, in fact, is a liar?
4.What if suddenly our couple’s business goes bankrupt?
5.What if……?
Are they finished by the word “divorce”?

Well, that is what I know about true love, but I also want to know your view about what true love is.