Turkey Chili – An Easy Healthy Meal

Chili is an all-time classic. As far as recipes go, it’s a perennial All-Star. The delicious dish gets top billing in cook-offs, always managing to draw in big crowds. Although chili can be eaten any time of the year, it is best served during the winter months, when the outdoors is, well, chilly (excuse the pun). Chili is traditionally made with beef, tomatoes, beans and a variety of seasonings. Some people like to throw in some Jalapeños or top their chili with cheese, sour cream and green onions. More and more people are ditching the beef all together and replacing it with turkey. Turkey chili is growing in popularity and with good reason.

Turkey chili is delicious, its low fat and overall, a healthier alternative to beef. Not everyone will love turkey chili. It’s a matter of taste. For those, however, that do, beef chili may have become a thing of the past. The same is true of individuals who have yet to try turkey chili. Giving it a try may be all that’s needed to turn them into a believer.

Turkey chili can be made with virtually the same ingredients that beef chili is, sans the beef obviously. Aside from that, an individual could use the same ingredients. Tomatoes or tomato paste, beans, onions and seasoning would be all that’s need. Now a person may want to look up a few recipes and experiment a bit to find ingredients better suited for turkey. After some time and some practice, with a good basic recipe, individuals should be able to come up with a signature dish that they’ll be proud to share with their family members and friends.

Individuals who love chili but who would like to learn to prepare it so that it’s a tad bit healthier may want to consider replacing the beef with turkey. Because turkey is leaner and contains less fat then red meat or beef, turkey chili would be a good option for the health conscious and those having problems with their weight or health. It can still be prepared in such as way that taste is not compromised.

As many of us grow older, it becomes increasingly important to eat differently. It’s not possible to eat the same way many of us did when we were very young. However, rather then simply giving up those foods a person loves, learning alternative ways to prepare them is an option. For most people, it’s the much preferred option. For those who enjoy beef chili, turkey offers exactly that, an alternative way to prepare a much beloved and tasty dish