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Chris Jenner, the mother manager of Kim Kardashian apparently approves of her daughter’s relationship with Kanye West. Why? Well, it is because this guy is the closest the Kim Kardshian has gotten to true Hollywood stardom. Apparently, Chris Jenner believes that this relationship could open some doors and be a good business move. No one really knows if the woman likes him on a personal level. Again, it is possible that personality is not important. Money talks in the end of the day.

Sometimes looking at the relationship of Chris Jenner and her children I feel like she may not always have their best interest in mind. I mean she is no longer sexy and young and the only way that she can live her dreams is through her children. Unfortunately, her children are practically obsessed with pleasing her. Well, except Kourtney. That girl does whatever she feels like. Well, most of the time at least. That is the reason why she is still having children out of wedlock despite the disapproval of her traditional mother.

I feel like Chris Jenner is putting too much unnecessary pressure on her children to succeed. I mean it is great to look a certain way and have fame and money. However, if that is the only thing that you care about there is clearly a problem somewhere. Kim Kardashian just went through a humiliating divorce because of all the pressure she felt to get married and start a family. You would think Chris Jenner would learn from this and you would think Kim would learn from this. However, it seems like both Kim and her mother are jumping into another union way too quickly and I doubt that it is for the right reasons. Kim does not know Kanye all that well. Well, personally I am curious to see how this relationship is going to play out. I heard the Kanye wants to make an appearance on Kim’s reality show so I guess everyone will watch this relationship live. It is so weird because after her dicorce Kim swore that she would never again put her private life on public display. Well, here she goes again.