Two Dogs That My Family Had Along With Some Helpful Canine Information

I have had Two Dogs that have Lived for almost 14 Years each at Different Times. I have Walked Them around Twice a Day,. My Mom had Walked Them in the Morning. I Lived in an Apartment for Twenty Years. I had Brushed Their Coats to get Rid of Excess Hair. My First Dog was a Schnauzers. She had a Medium Coat and a Beard . This Breed was in the Terrier Family. The Schnauzers are Mousers and They Hunted Small Pray in Germany. Their Country of Origin. My Second Dog was a German Sheppard and Golden Retriever Mix.

He had a Much Heavier  Coat. He Needed more of Brushing for His much Thicker Coat. As Both Dogs got Older. They were Put on a Special Food Diet by the Veterinarian. It was called I.D. for the Schnauzer. She couldn’t Eat Meat in Dog Food. It gave Her a Medical Condition called Colitis. Common in the Schnauzer Breed. It was Good Food and We would Pick Up a Case of Food at the Veterinarian Office. The Mix Breed was On the Special Diet Food to. It was called K.D.  We

All need to Consider Our Dogs Diet needs for a Long Healthy Life. No Table Scraps are Healthy for a Dog. Once in a While some Turkey or Chicken Meat with No Bones is a Treat You can Give Them. As they got a Short Intestinal Tract. Beef or Meat isn’t healthy for a Dogs Diet as it has to much Fat and Grease to Digest. Rice and Chop Meat Cooked together is Good for an Upset Stomach that a Dog gets.

You can give the Dog some Pepto Bismol for an Upset Stomach. Put it on Bread as They may not Eat it from the Spoon. Use half a Dose of an Adult. Baby Aspirin can be Used in a Child’s Dose for a Fever. We Fed the Dog’s some Multi Vitamins called Pet-tabs. All These Helpful Tips and Advice came from My Veterinarian. That is Why They Lived for such a Long Time in the Big City. 

As My Dogs got Older the Veterinarian wanted to give the Dogs some Geriatric Care and do some Fancy Tests. My Dad said Fine as He Paid the Vet Bills. Just like an Older Person can Need Special Care. So can Dogs as the Bills can Total from Five Hundred to a Thousand Dollars. But We Love our Pets and We do What is neccessary to Keep The Healthy for a Long Life. Yes My Veterinarian was High Priced Compared to other Local Veterinarian. But We knew Him for over 25 Years. So We Trusted Him and He Saved the Life of the 2ND Dog. The Sheppard & Retriever Mix. Who I Found in The Street as a Puppy had Mange. A Parasite that can Cured if it was the Treatable Type. As it was Thank God. So I Bathed the Puppy each Night in a Special Shampoo all Summer Long. He was Cured and He Lived for almost 14 Years