Two Models of Special Mini Introduced by Bmw Group


Said to be special because before the 2012 London Olympics, the BMW Group as the official sponsor, recently announced it will launch two special editions of the MINI, the Bayswater and Baker Street. The twins are Mini variants of the MINI is based on three-door hatchback and reportedly will be officially rolled in the spring of this year.

In front view MINI Bayswater and Baker Street are not much different so as twin sisters. But in terms of physical appearance in detail and features that are added on both cars are only visible difference. For that we’ll discuss that there is little difference in the two new models this Mini.

On MINI Bayswater edition to the origin of the name is taken from the name of one of the areas in London. And in this version will be available in several types of the Mini Cooper that will use a gasoline engine and capable of generating power 122 dk, and the Mini Cooper S will generate power of 184 hp. As for diesel engine variants on the Mini Cooper D will have a power of 112 hp and the Mini Cooper SD produces 143 hp power.


On the exterior whitewashed with exclusive Kite Blue metallic paint with Midnight Black and Eclipse Grey. And the black color looks coloring portion of the roof, hood, rear view mirror cover and also on the fender. In addition to adding a sporty impression, a set of unique alloy wheels measuring 17″ was wearing.


And on the interior covered with exclusive colored leather and uses the concept of two-color stitching. Then the other feature is that in her cockpit trim Piano Black, the use of stainless steel pedals and chrome lines as standard packages to make an impression in the car more sporty feel.


While at Baker Street, one model is available in several types such as Mini One who will be present with the gasoline-powered engine 98 dk. Later in the Mini Cooper also gasoline engine that will produce power 122 dk. While there is a choice for a diesel engine Mini One D 90 dk-powered and Mini Cooper D 112 dk-powered. All engines are paired with 6-speed manual transmission or you can choose a 6-speed automatic transmission.


On the exterior there is a combination between Grey metallic color with a special line on the hood. The use of black color on the roof, cover mirrors and on the fenders are the same, but a set of alloy wheels that used different models and uses size 16 “.


While in the interior sector gets special touch. In the cabin is dominated by gray color that is able to create the impression of elegance. Its dashboard is a combination of black, gray, and white. Detailed interior also looks impressive from the model of stitches with a white diamond pattern seen in the front storage drawers and chairs, as well as the label reads ‘Baker Street’ that exists in every seat.