Types of Freelance Jobs For Felons

Freelance jobs just might be the best option for any felon who is having difficulty landing employment. To many people who have felony convictions, finding jobs that will not discriminate against them is next to impossible. Though the government provides help in making sure that people who have already served their sentence make a successful reintegration into society, many ex felons find it difficult to fins regular jobs.

If regular jobs are not available, why not send applications to get freelance jobs. There are various industries and companies out there that do not require background checks to some of the positions they offer. These jobs usually do not require background checks because they are only hiring people for a specific time.

There are various industries that hire felons for freelance jobs; here are some of the examples:


Online jobs are probably among the most promising jobs today. The fact that these jobs do not require background checks and they allow you to work at your own time and pace makes online jobs perfect for people with convictions. If you have the computer skills that the job requires, then this might just be the best career opportunity for you.

Among the computer or online freelance jobs for felons are web page designer, web designer, graphic artist, online writer/editor, translator, programmer and video editors.


Construction work does not require background checks. As long as the person possesses the strength and skills to finish the job, a felon can succeed in this line of career.

Other jobs related to construction, such as furniture design, home repair, landscape design, interior design, painting jobs, plumbing services, and such are also great for any ex-felon who has the skills to do them.


Felons with creative talents in audio visual arts can harness their artistic creativity. Creative jobs do encompass a varied and wide industry that anyone can easily fit in. Traditional fine arts such as painting, sculpture and other visual arts may provide an ex-felon a way to build a lucrative business. However, there are other creative jobs that are as relevant and as artistic that may require some special skills like video editing, photography, and other similar jobs.

Instead of resumes, you need to build a good portfolio to pass to your potential employers such as movie/TV directors or producers, magazine editors and various ads and printing companies. The best way to land freelance jobs in such creative positions is to use your network. Find your personal friends or previous bosses to introduce you to potential employers before sending in your portfolio!


If you do not have the skills, you might try to learn a few for whatever industry you prefer. Most service oriented industries may offer freelance jobs to felons. Among the jobs that hire freelancers are tattoo artists, personal trainers, massage therapists, tailors and more. Just try to look for whatever skills you have to enter the freelance jobs that you prefer.

If you notice, most freelance jobs require specialized skills more than anything else. Hone your talents and special skills to be able to land the freelance jobs you desire. Some of these freelance jobs for felons do not even require any job interviews, as long as you have the skills, you can start offering your service.

Freelance jobs are just too good to be taken for granted. Who knows, freelance jobs might just be your only way to start fresh? Grab your chance now!