Ultimate Device With The Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 gaming console is a pure genius. It is often regarded as any gamers dream console and comes in two versions – the premium edition and the basic system. The premium edition of the Xbox 360 comes with a 20 GB hard drive, headset, Ethernet cable, wireless controller, DVD-ROM drive and a silver subscription to the Xbox Live. These features are available for the basic Xbox 360 version as add-ons that you need to pay for.

The Xbox 360 is a very futuristic device, packed with brilliant features. The gaming console includes terrific graphic quality, HD compatibility and a surround sound experience. It is a revolutionary console that incorporates the possibility of online gaming, downloading and streaming HD movies, pictures and music. The Xbox 360 is a world of possibilities and surprises.

In the US, the Xbox 360 offers 18 titles that include fascinating games like FIFA 06, Call of Duty 2, Project Gotham Racing 3, Dead or Alive 4 among others.  The gaming console brings to you never seen before graphics and a whooping top performance of about 115 GFLOPS. All the games on the Xbox 360 are compatible with Dolby Digital Sound and ensure that there is none of the annoying voice echo.

Apart from the fascinating feature of playing DVD and other videos, the Xbox 360 has its own ‘live market’. Here, you can to connect and play your favourite Xbox 360 games with fellow Xbox Live members. You can also avail of the many downloadable game demos, trailers and gaming avatars. 

Using the Xbox 360, you will have a complete list of all the games you have downloaded from the ‘live market’, games that you have played and the videos/movies that you have watched. You can also listen to music, videos and view pictures that are stored on any external device. The Xbox allows you to download free trial version of most games. You can also purchase full versions of games that you enjoyed most.

Another fantastic feature on the Xbox 360 is the backward compatibility. This feature allows you to play games that you loved on the original version of the console on your Xbox 360.

However, there are a few reported complaints about the Xbox 360. Some cases have been reported about an error screen which causes the console to stop working .Another problem is regarding overheating of the console. Some cases of the three red lights flashing have also been reported.