Ultimate Genius

The life goes on.  Not too much happens to urge you to change your outlook on life. However, with some practice you can have the ability to control your life and mind. Here is the recipe to accomplish that.

1. Believe that you are a genius. This will increase your motivation and self-esteem. However, you should not underestimate others around you. It can affect you negatively.

2. Try polyphasic sleeping. Leonardo da Vinci was using this technique to have a lot of spare time to accomplish many things. This will be a change in our life and such an adventure will boost your motivation.

3. Do some exercise every day. Buy some supplements such as brain enhancers and antioxidants. Taking some pills for enhancement will improve your motivation

4. Learn a programming language. I am serious. Learn some language even if you will not use it. It will help you to organize your mind and focus more. Then you can try solving Project Euler problems 

5. Get a website registered and design that website yourself. It does not cost much. You may want to use a free-hosting company

6. Host your own website through your own computer. Only thing you need is a decent computer.

7. Read the autobiography of Nicola Tesla. Perhaps, Nicola Tesla is the greatest mind came on Earth.

8. Listen to Secret Garden. Their songs are inspirational and soothing. It calms your soul.

9. Watch A Clock-work Orange. It will change your outlook definitely. It may be a bit disturbing, but it will have a positive effect on the long run.

10. Love yourself. This is a must. Try everything to love yourself. If you are overweight try loosing some weight. You may even want to have plastic surgery. Do so.

11. Cook your own food. It will taste more delicious I promose

12. Earn money. Do no depend on your family even if you are a teen-ager. Money is a fact.

13. Read Siddhartha. It will develop your self-esteem.

14. Play Civilization 1. This one is a classic. It does not have great graphics, but the idea is great.

15. Live in a foreign country for 5 years. Break your bonds with your home country and have some different experience. You should also learn one or more foreign languages.

16. Have kids. Kids will totally change your life.

17. Compose a song. It is a bit hard if you have no music talent, but there are some software that makes it easy

18. Learn to play an instrument well. It will help to develop your self-confidence.

19. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. Do not lose your consciousness even for a minute.

20. Love yourself. Again and again