Unlimited Possibilities Of Carpcs

In our this report interesting CarPC bases are also detailed installation instructions in the form of a project diary presented and offered to provide a guide for beginners and an insight into the almost unlimited possibilities of CarPCs. Have fun reading!

The described modifications to the vehicle were carried out by us with the best of our knowledge and belief and are not intended to mimic. Who still makes changes to our guidance on the car or other things that bear the full risk of his actions. The modding Station GbR therefore not liable for property damage, nor any person or other damage that this article or its content may be linked.

It is also here to point out that some changes to the car registration by TUV need as meeting the currently applicable traffic regulations not otherwise or in special cases, not compatible with the German public order.

All of the pages available on the modding Station.eu related trademarks and company names are the property of their respective owners.

In keeping with the project, we decided to create a short video, which illustrate the functions of the Polo FUN and should convey the feel better. The idea found in our online magazine readers surveyed active consent, even our sponsor CarTFT.com was interested in the course of the Cebit 2007 in Hannover on such a great video.
The pictures were taken on their own side of the operator and the cut was created by Timo Söbbing.
Just in time for CeBIT, we were able to announce the completion of the video, which was also on the state of our sponsor’s shown in Hall 2 on a variety of monitors. To download these two different versions, one with a smaller data volume, the second has a much higher quality and is very interested readers who want to accept no compromises in detail.

To see video on the first is an overview of the vehicle. The Coming-Home function is frequently and effectively used. Which we built of comfort functions, represented by the automatic window opening by a sequence of remote control codes and fold the mirrors are staged as well.
The main component is the notion of CarPC’s in the form of a picture show and exemplary rides. This multi-media capabilities are demonstrated, one can hear music, watch videos and navigate. A sample trip is to find the boot sequence shows the significantly improved performance compared to ordinary computer systems, sometimes requiring several minutes to boot up.