Update your wardrobe for Fall 09 with 10 must-have Pieces

Summer Fashions 09 continue into Fall 09, but add 10 must-have pieces to update your style into the next season. Continue wearing 80s-inspired, Gothic-inspired, and Rocker-inspired fashions, but add the French style to your current wardrobe to polish and refine the hodge-podge summer fashions.

  1. Carry a Messenger Bag. This bag is the most useful bag because it is so practical. It takes you from school to work to a weekend getaway, filled with everything you need.  It has an adventurous look that says fun, active and practical, but with style.

  2. Wear boots.  Consider knee-high flat boots in gray or knee-high black high heel boots with velvet lacing on the top back area. Over the knee or thigh-high boots are back in style this Fall 2009.

  3. Add chains as accessories into your Fall Wardrobe.  Rocker-inspired fashions continue with chains, worn with pleather biker jackets, trench coat, dresses, skirts and clothes.  Studded and spiked metal on pleather and denim clothes and accessories continue. T-shirts, clothes, coats, skirts, shoes and accessories with graphic drawings continue. Sequins and shiny clothes continue to be accents from this rocker-style, and 80s Madonna-style continues to be popular. Denim jackets decorated with studs, pins, embroidery, gems, or a combination. Lots of lace clothing and billowy-sleeve blouses have a gothic appeal. Fancy shirts have a gothic look.

  4. Add one-shoulder dresses, whether short or long, for evening wear.

  5. Add decorative accessories to Fall 09 fashion. Decorative headbands and hairpieces worn with updo hairstyles. Consider feathers, gems, and quilted designs to adorn plain hairpieces and give simple hair more style. Also, wear some high-heel pumps, platform shoes, and stilettos with graphic prints and animal prints as well as high-heel oxfords that lace up.

  6. Long bob is the haircut for FALL 09. It is shoulder-length and one length blunt cut for chic simplicity.

    Add a French accent to your wardrobe this fall 09. Such french accents include clothes and accessories with chic details, such as gloves, sunglasses, clean updos, red lips, decorative hosiery and shoes, and fancy but elegant dresses and blouses. Wear elegant and simple clothes with belts and accessories as accents. Fishnet stockings are sexy detail accessory that dresses up a simple outfit.
    Do some research by watching french films to get more ideas of french style, clothing, and accessories in order to get the look for Fall 2009. Other research involves Internet surfing about France, french life, french style, french fashion, french look, and French Vogue. Furthermore, popular hairstyle for fall 2009 is keeping hair simple and neat, but sexy. Consider the long bob, which is shoulder length and has a central part. It is also a one-length blunt cut. The other popular hairstyle is a neat updo that looks very elegant but sexy. Such updos can be made casual by adding headbands, hair combs and hairpieces with decorative designs, like feathers and gems.

  7. Add fake fur coat in different colors and/or prints. Animal prints are still popular. Just make sure it is fake fur. Bright colors are still in style, and look great over an all-black sleek outfit to add color and personality.

  8. Add worn-out jeans, whether faded, streaked, bleached or torn. Skinny low-rise jeans continue to be popular.

  9. Add an ankle strap high heel sandal in a solid color. These shoes are sexy, and can be worn with jeans or a nice dress.

  10. Add the Boyfriend Blazer. This men’s blazer that is made for women, whether worn with a dress, skirt or jeans. Add decorative pins and/or belt to make it feminine.

Therefore, don’t waste too much money on shopping for a whole wardrobe for school or fall season. All you need to do is pick ten particular pieces that will update your summer wardrobe into fall fashions, and shop around for the right look. You can save a lot of money, if you are a smart shopper. Just remember that the emphasis on fall fashion will be on polished French style. Think French, and buy key pieces that will give you that French look. Most of these pieces you probably already have or, at least, know someone who has it and doesn’t want it anymore. Dig through your parents’ old clothes or ask friends and family if they have pieces that they don’t want.