US Open Tennis 2009

US Open tennis 2009 is now beneath way, as the US Open 2009 tennis clash closes the above season. The US Open is the better above tennis clash on U.S. soil, bringing the world’s best tennis players

US Open Tennis 2009 Closes Above Tennis Division aback to Flushing Meadows in New York. The 2009 US Open is abiding to accompany tennis admirers to their feet, if this year’s blood-tingling majors accept been any indication. As US Open tennis for 2009 begins, the spotlight, as usual, belongs to Roger Federer and the Williams sisters.

As usual, the US Open 2009 tennis seeds are topped by Federer and Rafael Nadal in the men’s bracket, and Dinara Safina and the Williams sisters in the women’s side. But the gap amid the world’s best players on both abandon widened appreciably during the summer.

Last year, the US Open helped Roger Federer balance afterwards a asperous summer in which Rafael Nadal took the French, Wimbledon, and the amount 1 ranking. Now branch into US Open tennis for 2009, Federer has had a absolute summer and bankrupt the almanac for a lot of above titles, while Nadal is already afresh arena bolt up.

The US Open 2009 ability not be the best abode for Nadal to jump over Federer again, back Federer has taken the endure 5 US Open titles. A sixth in 2009 would tie Federer for a lot of after US Open championships with Bill Tilden – who did it in the 1920’s.

Nadal isn’t the alone accessible amateur to Federer at the US Open, however. Andy Murray is the amount 2 berry instead of Nadal, and accomplished the finals endure year. Andy Roddick is aggravating to advance the drive he acquired from his ballsy accident to Federer at Wimbledon, and accretion his additional US Open title.

In US Open tennis 2009 for the women, Serena and Venus Williams are already afresh advised the frontrunners, while the absolute top seed, Dinara Safina, is about an afterthought. Safina has bashed backward in majors all year, while the Williams yield all the glory. Currently, Serena has the bend over Venus, as she looks for her third above of the year – admitting they can alone accommodated in the semifinals and not the finals this time around.