Use an Eco Friendly Underfloor Heating System Today

Did you know that Underfloor Heating was introduced by the Romans 200 years ago? Many people thought that this system was invented in the new generation when in fact it was used by our ancestors’ many years ago.

We have written before about ground source heat pumps and their incredible energy efficiency, so it is always good to see more modern developments making use of this excellent green technology in concert with heating system.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported this week on the best ways to upgrade and improve older and more architecturally interesting properties. With the use of underfloor heating as being one of the best ways to make an older building cozy without ruining any of the original features.

Although many of the properties built in the 1970s and 1980s are none the worse for modern additions such as stone cladding, double glazing and new roofs, older buildings can suffer aesthetically from eco-improvements. Today Engineers and Architectures aim to make a more energy-efficient home with lower heating and lighting bills. 

Firstly, heat loss through the walls can be improved by internal insulation. By using materials such as a couple of inches of dry lining plasterboard, this makes a lot of difference when it comes to keeping a home warm and cutting energy consumption especially if used alongside renewable energy sources such as heat pumps or solar thermal panels.

Underfloor heating is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of an older home without ruining the aesthetics of the internal layout or the original flooring. A smart heating installation can lay the heat sources under most forms of floor covering and the resultant heat produced does a far better job of heating an entire building. Even when the system is on the ground floor only, this will keep the entire house warm at the desired temperature.

With the government keen to encourage more “eco-towns” and developments of eco-homes, it is time that many Britons began to assess the advantages of living in one of these more energy-efficient properties. 

This not only lower your bills which is one of the greatest advantages of all homes but it only requires a low maintenance building materials for your home. Easy to clean and the market value is significantly enhanced. The heating circuits are already installed and ready for screed to be laid – a quick run around the ground floor.