Use Herbal Skin Care To Treat Dry Skin Around Eyes

If you suffer from dry skin, or even if you have normal or combination skin, you may find that you are looking for a safer way to treat the dry skin around eyes that can be such a problem, especially in dry, cooler weather.

This is because the dry skin around eyes can be more delicate, and the fact that the dry skin around eyes need products which will not irritate or harm the eyes themselves. There are herbal skin care products which can treat this dry skin simply and effectively, while remaining safe to use in such a sensitive area.

The areas of the face with the thinnest skin often begin to show wrinkling sooner than other areas. Herbal skin care can target these areas, and get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles that often show up first in dry skin around eyes. There are a few herbal skin care ingredients you should look for products designed to treat the dry skin around eyes. They include chamomile, which has soothing and calming properties; antioxidant rich green tea to help fight free radical damage and rosehips, which reduce sun damage and can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Remember that the dry skin around your eyes is thinner and so will begin to show evidence of sun damage and dehydration much sooner than the thicker skin on other areas of the face. Because of the fact that the dry skin around eyes is much more thin and delicate, this also means that it will absorb products more rapidly, which is yet another reason why you should consider herbal skin care rather than using chemical products.

If you are trying a herbal skin care product designed to treat the dry skin around eyes, try getting a sample of the product first. Use it and look for any signs of redness, either in the dry skin around eyes or in the eyes themselves. This can be a sign that your body is reacting negatively with the particular product you have chosen.

If you do have a negative reaction, don’t be scared off of herbal skin care products. It is just as easy to have a bad reaction to a chemically laden product. Remember that there are a large number of products designed to treat dry skin around eyes and you will be able to find a product you like.