Use Soil Conditioners

Is a lack of water a problem for your farm, golf course, race track or recreational grounds? Do you go on holidays and come back to find many of your plants have not survived? If drought strikes will you have limited water for your crops or no water to use? New products developed in Australia can help you to survive drought conditions with a need for less water. Advanced sustainable agricultural product developers, BenignTechnologies have products which can help The Droughtex range including Agrayeild and Ultrasoil are some of the natural soil enhancers available to farmers and householders. Manufactured and blended from restructured polymers, specially designed to substitute or improve the natural oils in soil, these products can enhance germination and growth by drawing the moisture from the air and then prevent evaporation during the heat of the day . This is also known as dew harvesting, often a critical first step in restoring a parched and damaged ecosystem.

Why use a soil conditioner?
Less stress on the crop between rainfall
Savings on fertilisers
Increased yield of up to 86% with minimal  crop diseases such as rust
Massive water savings

Using a soil conditioner can dramatically reduce the amount of fertilizer needed as less watering is required. Over watering can actually leach much fertiliser away from the plants before it has a chance to be absorbed. planst need less water if the natureal soil oils retain the moisture near the roots .With these technologically advanced products, your soil will have a lower evaporation rate, a warm damp atmosphere that is idea for germination and plant growth and a reduced ground temperature in hot climates. When plant stress is reduced this will result in  healthier plants more resistant to disease and pest attack and this will result in higher yields , and a well conditioned healthy soil. This is truly sustainable agriculture

Such products can even protect and promote growth in plants during low or freezing temperatures. Natural soil oils assist plants to survive extreme conditions. Benign technologies do not produce wetting agents containing detergents which may retain water but damage soil health. All products in this range are non toxic and benefit natural soil organisms and native fauna.

Soil conditioners can be applied in a number of ways, as powder along with seed in agricultureal machinery by reticulation through agricultureal irrigation systems or by distribution with a normal garden hose like many household products. Contact Benign Technologies for more information on products or contact Total Eden Outlets for help with irrigation or delivery systems.