Useful Wheelchair Batteries

The power of battery is crucial in every battery operated item; if you use a wheel chair, the batteries used in wheel chair are the essential part of it. Powerful wheelchair batteries are very necessary if you depend on battery operated mobility.

The batteries made for electric motors are known as traction batteries. Traction batteries are made in various ways. A gel-battery, which uses electrolyte gel packs is commonly used. The gel-batteries are made in a manner to avoid spilling, which is common in lead-acid batteries.

The AGM battery is a new traction battery which is an absorbed glass battery. In AGM batteries, it has boron-silicate glass mats with electrolyte embedded in between their walls. The AGM wheelchair batteries also won’t spill acid if they are broken, also these wheelchair batteries won’t suffer mechanical wear n tear with moderate vibrations and shock.

Wheelchair batteries and batteries used for similar things have to be long-life ones, powerful for long use and spill-proof. The AGM wheelchair batteries are preferred in wheelchairs because of their charge rates and their discharge rates. The AGM wheelchair batteries are charged just like any other battery. The AGM wheelchair batteries use normal chargers and don’t need any special chargers for them to charge. These wheelchair batteries have a very low rate of self-discharge and can remain charged for long periods when not being used. As an added advantage, these wheelchair batteries are made for rough-n-tough daily use and can easily stand jerks or shocks. These batteries can charge quickly without taking much time too.

The AGM wheelchair batteries are valve regulated. These batteries are constructed as spill proof so that there operation is safe without any troubles in all positions. You do not have to add electrolytes to it either since a unique oxygen cycle recombines all the gases that are generated when the battery charges.

The AGM batteries are safe and best as compared to the lead-acid batteries which are dangerous in few ways. Using lead-acid batteries is not recommended in wheelchairs or other mobility. The spillage of lead-acid batteries in wheelchairs can be hazardous.

Batteries specially made for use with wheelchair can be expensive, but they will last long and won’t get discharged for long periods of time and will take very little time to get fully charged. The AGM sealed lead-acid batteries are most preferred batteries used for wheelchair. These wheelchair batteries also come with a 1 year warranty.