Using Sirius satellite radios as mp3 players

Today, consumers have a great number of options when it comes to satellite radio receivers. For the Sirius satellite radio service, there is even a line of Sirius satellite radio receivers that double as mp3 players. These devices are an amazing all-in-one solution for audio entertainment.

The most feature-rich of the Sirius mp3 players is the Stiletto 2. This little device packs a wallop for its users. The Stiletto 2 can receive its Sirius satellite radio signal via the satellite feed (with the assistance of an antenna) or it can receive the Sirius satellite radio signal via any available public Wi-Fi network. This feature gives the user of the Stiletto 2 a great deal of flexibility. In the past, it was difficult if not impossible to get a signal on your Sirius satellite receiver if you happened to be inside a mall or other large public building. The option to receive the satellite signal via Wi-Fi is in itself reason enough to go with the Stiletto 2. You can even record up to 100 hours of Sirius satellite radio on the Stiletto 2, and listen to it at your convenience. In addition to these feature, the Stiletto 2 also has a MicroSD memory card slot so that you can bring your mp3 library with you wherever you go.

A step down from the Stiletto 2 is the Stiletto SL100. The SL100 is able, like the Stiletto 2, to receive the Sirius satellite broadcast via an available Wi-Fi network. Like its bigger brother, the Stiletto SL100 can also record Sirius satellite radio. The SL100 does not have a MicroSD memory card slot, which limits its functionality a little bit. The SL100 does have the option for a car kit, which means that you can use your Stiletto SL100 just about anywhere you want to.

The final model in the Sirius mp3 player series is the Stiletto 10. This is the basic Sirius mp3 player and receiver. This model allows you to listen to Sirius satellite radio as well as your own mp3 selections. Like the Stiletto 2 and the Stiletto SL100, the Stiletto 10 is portable, allowing you to listen to Sirius satellite radio anywhere you are able to receive the signal. The Stiletto 10 does not have the Wi-Fi capability of the Stiletto 2 and the Stiletto SL100, and it does not have a MicroSD memory card slot.

Whichever model you choose, the Stiletto line of Sirius mp3 players opens up new worlds of possibility for the Sirius radio fan.