Vaginal Dryness – Symptoms, Causes And Natural Remedies

When a woman reaches menopause there are a lot of changes that take place in her genital area. A lot of women have reported that they experienced vaginal dryness, itching, urinary discomfort and a very painful sexual intercourse when going through the phase of menopause. The good news is that these days all of the above conditions can be easily treated through herbal lubrication remedies, hormone replacement therapy and others. In this article we are going to discuss in detail about some of these problems and find out some of the effective remedial measures which should provide you with immediate relief.

What Is Vaginal Atrophy?
In a woman there are glands located near the neck of the womb which are responsible for lubrication and fluid production helping in keeping skin and tissue around the vagina moist, tight and supple in nature. The production of these fluids is directly dependent on the levels of estrogen in the body; during menopause there is generally a decrease in the production of estrogen which leads to problems like Vaginal Atrophy or dryness in the vagina which can further lead to itching and burning as well.

Does Vaginal Dryness Affect All Women
This condition does affect a large majority of women but not all of them. As we are well aware every individual is unique so some women will experience less discomfort during menopause while others might find it hard to cope with it.

Remedial Measures To Treat Vaginal Dryness
As we discussed earlier in the article these days there are lot of things a woman can do to live a normal life even during menopause. Here is a small list of things you can do to keep your sex life normal at any stage in life.

1. Water Intake
There have been reports which state clearly that women who do not drink enough water will have a dehydrated body which can further aggravate problems in the vaginal area. Hence it is advised to drink enough quantity of water to help the body in keeping the vaginal walls moist and reduce chances of infections.

2. Eat Healthy Food
There are some foods which are rich in estrogen content like carrots. Such foods should be taken regularly to provide the body with required estrogen levels.

3. Natural Lubrication Creams
There are natural lubrication creams made from herbs which can provide comfort to their vaginal dryness, itching and burning problem as well as prevent and treat any type of vaginal infections.

4. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle
Exercise regularly, eat healthy and keep a special watch on your hygiene and you would certainly be able to lead a normal life even before during and after menopause.