Vaginal Gels Oil, is That Safe

Many women suffer from the matter of vaginal dryness owing to varied reasons like hormonal changes throughout menopause, inadequate foreplay before intercourse, stress in relationships, or alternative underlying medical conditions. to alleviate this dryness, vaginal gels are created that facilitate to supply soothing relief from dryness of the vagina and helps in restoring the natural lubrication of the woman’s vaginal region. These gels are sage enough to be used the maximum amount as required for long durations yet.


Vaginal gels for relieving vaginal dryness are created using varied natural and medical ingredients like glycerin, wild yam extract, tocopheryl acetate, sodium alginate, methylparaben, water, and citric acid for maintain pH balance.

Using Vaginal Gels

Squeeze tiny amounts of the vaginal gel on your fingertips and apply it to the gap of the vagina and therefore the external space surrounding the vagina to induce soothing relief from vaginal dryness. a number of the vaginal gels also can be used along side diaphragm and condoms. Most of the vaginal gels additionally contain Vitamin E in an exceedingly base fabricated from sea-weeds.

Benefits of Gel

Vaginal dryness is one amongst the foremost commonly seen side-effects of menopause besides hot flashes. With the drop on estrogen levels, the walls of the vagina become skinny, dry, and fewer elastic. this will additionally create sexuality very painful. In fact, the flow of blood to the vaginal space additionally reduced that alters the sense of bit within the region. These symptoms have an effect on the woman’s sexual need to a good extent.

Why is Gel Favored Over alternative ways of Treating Vaginal Dryness?

Vagina dryness will effectively be relieved with regular use of vaginal gels. These gels are water-based and water-soluble gels that moisturize the vaginal region and feels precisely just like the natural lubricant that our body produces. ensure to avoid using any petroleum based mostly product like petroleum jelly, mineral oil, or alternative such oils. These materials follow the walls of the vagina and work as a breeding place for microorganisms.

It is very necessary for the vaginal moisturizers to own an acidic pH. this can be as a result of the natural secretion of the vagina is acidic in nature that stops the microorganisms like yeast and bacteria from growing.