Valentines Day Crafts

Valentines Day Crafts – A Special Way To Show You Care

Remember that the first thing about Valentine’s Day is that it is a day when millions of lovers across the world declare their undying love for one another. There are proposals, declarations of undying love, there are exploratory questions and so many other such things that centers on seeking and finding your true love.

There are plenty of standard ways to declare your love on this day – with candies, flowers, greeting cards, etc. However, if you want to stand out, you could use some special Valentine Day crafts to show how much you care. This is also a great way to impress your Valentine and save money at the same time.

Some Great Ideas For Valentine Day Crafts

Sometimes, when it is very important that you come up with a great idea, your mind goes blank and you cannot think of anything. That is when articles like this one would be of invaluable help to you. Here are three lovely suggestions for making Valentine Day crafts:

1. Heart shaped soft toy filled with candy – an exceedingly easy to do Valentine Day craft is a soft toy in the shape of a heart. You will find plenty of pages that would give you the cuttings or the pattern to shape the soft toy with candy to order. Once you find one that you could follow the instructions given and fashion it in the size you want. You have a choice to stitch it or use fabric glue which would simplify the matter to a large extent. In the end remember to put some excellent candy preferably in heart shape inside – that would make the gift even more special.

2.   A lovely heart shaped glass photo frame – try to capture a beautiful photograph of the person whom you intend to gift your Valentine Day craft and enlarge it to the size of your proposed glass photo frame. Get two large heart shaped glass pieces from any glass cutting shop and have these attached together leaving a 2 mm gap in between them.

Use a hard substance to maintain the optimal 2 mm distance between the two glass pieces – these could be little stones, glass pieces, and dry twigs, anything that would catch and look well at the same time. For the stand you have a glass base cut in a rectangular shape where the glass heart-shaped photo frame could be mounted with the help of special glue.

Allow it to dry and then insert the photograph in the allotted space. Never forget to add to your gift a few candies or chocolates to make the gift even sweeter.

3. Helium balloons – choose huge heart shaped helium balloons – which though is not exactly something that you crafted for the Valentine’s Day, it could fill the recipient with immense joy. Anyone would be touched when gifted with 14 helium balloons saying ‘I Love You’ in your own handwriting.

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