Valentine’s Day, From The Other Side, Those Of Us That Can Not Participate In It!

I hate Valentine’s Day! If you’re fortunate to be in love then it is something that should be honored and celebrated each day. For those of us not so lucky in love it is a painful reminder of the lack of it.

It’s bad enough to suffer without love from another everyday but then to be reminded of it in a very loud way with a day for those who have it is a cruel joke. I realize I speak for the minority as a microcosm illustrating this can be found at my micro small company. Out of six employees I am the only one without a mate. Fortunately as I look around the office today there are no reminders of what today is such as flowers, balloons and cards.

Even when I’ve been fortunate enough to have a girlfriend I only made an overture on Valentine’s Day just once. None of the woman I was with was bothered by that. I am a highly romantic man and I cherished as well as romanced all of the girlfriends I had throughout the course of the relationship not just emphasizing it for one particular day.

If I worked at a company where I had vacation and sick time I would use it on this day! I would prefer to hide and sleep away this most awful day of the year. Since Valentine’s Day is so entrenched perhaps we should at least have a balance to it by having a ‘Singles Day’ or something to that effect. There could be parties and gatherings for singles. Rather than hiding and sleeping away this day I could commiserate my plight with others in the same situation. Perhaps, even the dark down feeling would life from ‘Singles Day’. Maybe I ought to start a movement on the issue despite those of us in this predicament are in the distinct minority.

For those of you fellow haters of Valentine’s Day take heart in knowing that could be united in our fellow misery. Hell, perhaps a few of us will actually bond with others and break our streak of an unfulfilled heart.

I hate Valentine’s Day and so may it pass swiftly away becoming the fastest day of the year. I love the though of honoring those of us that do not have a mate having our own day.