Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Men

Men’s watches come in a variety of themes. There is more to choose from than just diving watches, leather watches, or dress watches.

Rugged Watches

In addition to diving watches, some men’s watches are made specifically to withstand beatings from sports and outdoor activities. If he likes to play football or go rock-climbing, this may be the perfect timekeeper.

Time Zone Watches

Some watches have up to three small faces with which to tell time. This gives him the ability to always know what time it is at home, in Japan, and wherever else he wants to keep track of. Perfect for the travelling businessman, or just the guy who likes cool things.

Vintage Watches and Pocket Watches

If he likes history or antiques, a nice vintage pocket watch may be perfect. Also perfect if he likes to wear vests, or frequent Dickensian Christmas Fairs.

Unique Cuff Links for Men

Choosing unique or novelty cuff links for men shows an interest and understanding of who he is. There are probably as many themes to choose from in cuff links as there are in women’s earrings.

Sports Themed 

Baseball stitches cuff links are perfect for the sports aficionado. Choose his favorite sport (basketball, soccer, football?) and give him his that, quite literally, to wear on sleeve.

Silly Cuff Links

Batman themed cuff links or even Mickey Mouse will acknowledge his sillier, more juvenile side.


Short Hebrew prayers engraved on lovely silver cuff links make a personal gift for a Jewish man. For a Christian, cross cuff links allow him another way to be reminded of his love for Jesus when he dresses in the morning.


It is not hard to find cuff links with signs of the zodiac. Alternatively, find out what year he was born on the Chinese calendar, and give him cuff links with his animal on them. For example, Year of the Bull, or Year of the Snake.


Can’t go wrong by personalizing cuff links with his initials or name.

Hand Crafted Wooden Pen Sets

Pens are not boring when they are beautifully hand crafted wooden pen sets.

Hand Crafted Wood

There is a variety of hand crafted wooden pens available; different artisans develop their unique skills and shoppers can find the perfect pen when they look. Unique and natural beauty make for a fine, superior gift.

Personalized Pen

Many artisans and businesses will offer the option of engraving wooden pens with names, initials, or a personal message to him for valentine’s day.

There are many unusual Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men. A woman planning to buy a present for her husband or boyfriend can consider buying a special watch, unique cuff links or a beautiful hand crafted wooden pen set. The thoughtfulness will warm his heart.