Vehicle Shipping | A Changing Industry

Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle shipping has undergone massive modernization in recent years as this short history of the industry shows. The need for vehicle shipping has grown over the years. Vehicle shipping is an aspect of our lives that wasn’t so popular 40 years ago.

With the advent of complex road and highway systems across all the continents, the necessity of having a reliable vehicle takes on more urgency. This, coupled with our roving population, means we need a reliable and efficient vehicle shipping system to ensure our vehicles remain with us and are transported to us in perfect time and condition. Vehicle shipping has undergone huge changes as the vehicle shipping industry changes shape and prepares for its future.

The major changes that have taken place in the vehicle shipping industry have been at the ports. The roll on-roll off type of ship loading has streamlined the process of vehicle shipping in innumerable ways. The major change in vehicle shipping has been brought by the fact that less people are now handling the vehicles. This innovation in vehicle shipping means there is less damage and delays in the process, as human error has been largely eliminated.

Another of the major innovations in the vehicle shipping process is the relatively new introduction of containerization. This form of vehicle shipping was first used in the US in the 1930s on railway to transport vehicles. These rail carriages were then rolled straight on to ships with their cargo intact, again eliminating handling error and any potential damage.

Vehicle shipping technology has been developing since then and nowadays these containers have taken on an air-tight, water-proof and robust nature that enables them to be loaded straight on to ships and sailed off on the high seas. This form of vehicle shipping has transformed the way we move our possessions and goods around the country and also, the world

In the 1950s, standardization was deemed necessary to facilitate the growing international need for conformity of the vehicle shipping and general cargo moving industry. Containers were developed that could be lifted, at the corners, by a crane and moved on and off the ships or rail flatbeds or trucks with relative ease and speed—by one man!

Nowadays, vehicle shipping assists a family to relocate to another part of the country or overseas and to load all their possessions into one container. The developmental stride that the vehicle shipping industry has undertaken in the past 60 years has been phenomenal and continues to grow and change.