Vga Extender Role in Digital Signage Solutions


A VGA extension is an important part of the components used for digital signage applications. Digital communication is a popular way to make advertising and e-mails in different places, including hospitals, airports, restaurants, hotels, conference rooms and a number of different configurations of the company. Operators control the message displayed on the computer signals up to 1000 meters on the number of characters. VGA Extender role is to promote the transmission of signals over CAT5 VGA technology.

The advantage of using CAT5 or CAT6 VGA is that you do not use a bulky VGA cable. Mined standard VGA cable, the signal is not more than a few meters before the signal.VGA Extender, such as a VGA signal CAT6 digital solutions remotely with the help of the console, then transported 1,500 feet.

VGA Extender consists of local stations around the control console and the local access point connected to the VGA video source to a receiver near the monitor. Transmitter and receiver via a standard CAT5 network are connected, so the VGA over Cat5. Another form of CAT standards is supported, including CAT5/5e/6. Units that extend the signal up to 1,500 feet require an external power source. Those who need to send up to 500 meters for an external power supply. This type of solution to maintain a strong signal and good resolution up to 1900×1200 @ 60Hz.

Some models CAT5 VGA device allows the transmission of signals up to sixteen monitors simultaneously giving you double the value of your investment. With this connection type is not limited to the digital display. With the advent of gaming LCD HDTV, VGA extenders are also popular in the field of home entertainment. Used to connect a laptop or gaming device with a VGA connector for standard VGA monitor. VGA Extender device is platform independent and can be good with most operating systems like Windows, UNIX / Linux and Solaris. You can connect a laptop computer, DVD player, VHS, Blue-ray and digital video recorders.

This type of connection is very popular in industries where safety is an advantage. VGA to CAT6 secure communications solution that makes it popular in the financial and military applications. The computer and the server is not required, traffic and pedestrians can be secured close to a remote location.