Video Technique For Capturing Leads


Are you using online videos to promote your business? Online videos are not only a great way to showcase your business on the internet. But Google gives online videos high searched placement in many cases and that could be to your advantage over other forms of online marketing. There are also some tricks that you should be aware of when you make online videos. For instance, the content of your video, what you say in your video is very important. Do you know that Google actually listens to your videos and listens for keyword content to find out what your video is actually all about? Its not just the title and your keyword meta tags. So pay attention to the video content.

Online videos can take the form of single, individual videos that you post occasionally to YouTube or you can post a series of videos but youre not restricted to YouTube. Aside of YouTube there is Bofunk, Dailymotion, eCorp, eSnips, Graspr, Viddler, Sevenload, Spike. There are many online places where you can post videos. And the more places you post your online videos, the more visible they’ll appear in the Google search engine. If you’re really serious about promoting your business online, theres a great way to do it that works in conjunction with an autoresponder that gets people to come to your site and convert them into customers. And here’s how it works.

You make a series of videos. Each video is two to three minutes in length. In addition to these videos you make four other videos.

The first video goes something like this: to get more of our videos or to learn more about us, go here. Now, the “here” is your lead capture page. That’s a page where you have a sign in form or an opt in form where visitors could come, sign up for your videos and receive the full series of your 10 or 20 or however many videos you’ve made.

The second video is your offer video. It is placed on your lead capture page and it’s telling them that this is the place where they can sign up to receive the entire series of your videos. You can also offer a free report or a coupon – some incentive to get these visitors to sign up on your opt in form.

The third video is the thank you video. And that’s on the thank you page which they are taken to after they opt in to your form. This video thanks them for opting in and tells them that you won’t spam them and you appreciate their confidence that they have shown in signing up on your list. It also tells them to expect the confirmation email to confirm that they’ve actually signed up on your autoresponder form.

When they receive the confirmation, they will click on the link and that will take them to your blog where they will receive the entire series of videos that you’ve provided. Also, if you’ve offered a free coupon, the first email in your autoresponder series will be sending them that free coupon for whatever service it is that you are offering.

The fourth video is what we call “buy my stuff” video. And it is placed on the about me page of your blog and this is where you make your sales pitch enticing them to buy your product or your service. So this is a very powerful way to use online videos to promote your business; to attract viewers from all over the internet, get them to come to your opt in page, sign up on your autoresponder list and ultimately convert them to customers.

This is Marv Eisen for the Social Media Marketing Depot. I hope you’ve learn how powerful online videos can be to promote your business on the web.