Views of Iflexweb on Why Select a Flex Developer?

An intelligence of The International Data Corporation (IDC) recently carried out a research on Adobe Flash technology. The findings were published in the white paper of IDC. The conclusions drew on the basis of the interviews conducted with five medium-to-large enterprises covering banking, technology, public sector and business services. A three-step process was executed for calculating the ROI and payback period for the five companies. Even skilled flex developers from different MNCs were included in it.

The three step process is described as below:

1.Financial benefit: financial benefits were measured first that included looking at the reduced cost and increase in user, revenue and productivity.

2.Investment made: They then determined that amount of investment the companies made for Adobe Flash. This amount was inclusive of all support and training costs.

3.Estimation: this was the last step that included estimating the cost and savings made over the period of three year. After that they calculated the ROI on the basis of this estimation.

After having a look at the conclusion of the research there was a question asked to a flex developer around, that would the intranet applications get any sort of benefit if Web 2.0 succeeded? If yes, then how would this happen.

The flex developer said that, “to put it in words Web 2.0 applications are those web applications that facilitate dynamic data sharing and emphasizes on user interaction through rich audio/video components. Say for instance, today every profitable business models that are brought into the market are on the basis of technologies that came into existence during the Web 2.0 era.”

To conclude it can be said that the main motif of the IDC study is to help the enterprises in having a look at the measurable benefit that can be reaped by deploying Web 2.0 techniques. But one also needs to be careful when selecting a flex developer. Go for the one that helps creating intuitive applications which helps in saving time and money.

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Kevin Flex is a technical trainer in Los Angeles and an Adobe Certified Instructor. He loves to share his thoughts and put them on paper for flex developer to upgrade them.