Visit Giverny – Beautiful Day Trip From Paris- The Living Masterpiece of Claude Monet

A day trip from Paris to Giverny, Monet’s home for 40 years will find you thrown into a natural world of colour; a textural , sensory and visual overload, a welcome alternative to the busy city life !

At 65km outside Paris in the direction of Rouen, you will need to organise your day trip from Paris to take a train ride from Gare St Lazare, take the bus, hire a car or take a guided tour with pick up from your hotel. The garden is open from April to October and no matter when you actually visit, you will be rewarded with rich floral displays of colour from the famous iris beds to the tulips, overhanging wisteria, not to mention the brightly decorated interior of the house itself.

The house and gardens at Giverny are just a day trip from Paris, and are living masterpieces and now a national monument. Monet untiringly created out of this abandoned domaine, the most amazing natural show of colour from the wisteria overhanging the famous green painted japanese style wooden bridge which features heavily in his paintings to the famously beautiful displays of tulips, iris. He created colour through flowers in every season and it gave him much inspiration for his continuing masterpieces.  Aswel as painting his own garden, he would leave on long painting trips, returning with more inspiration for his own garden. He was very taken by Japanese art and garden design.

Oscar-Claude Monet was famous for the creation of the impressionist movement, and infact the term impressionism comes from one of his first well known paintings « Impression, Sunrise 1872 » Together with Manet, Bodin, Renoir, Sisley, they shared similar ways of painting the effects of light in nature, this style of painting is what we now call Impressionism.

As Claude Monet’s wealth grew he was able to hire gardeners and managed with a very close eye the planting, purchases and architecture of his garden.

Inside his collection of antique Japanese prints take pride of place, and you wont help but smile with the effect of the bright yellow in the dining room, cobalt blues, blue and white china and colour everywhere which acts as the antithesis to todays modern and minimalist white walls. Colour does make you happy, and Money knew exactly how to use it, on canvas and in real life. His garden was planted with his paintings in mind.

There are various different ways you can reach Giverny, depending on whether you are an independant traveller, or you would like to be picked up and dropped off by minibus from your hotel. You will need to build in time to linger, to visit the beautiful shop and pick up all the postcards you’d like since taking photos is v limited at Giverny. You may also like to build in time to take in lunch at one of the famous restaurants that Monet himself will have frequented with other impressionist painters.

The botanical garden in New York famously recreated the planting of monet’s garden at Giverny in 2012 to the delight of those who hadnt yet had the opportunity to visit Giverny in person.

Monet painted many paintings which have made his garden famous, including several of the water lilies, the green japanese bridge and wisteria, and many other views of the garden and grounds.  His favourite flowers are the Dutch Lilies and of course waterlilies, but the variety of texture created by delphiniums, anenomes, nasturtiums, peonies and lots of varieties of wildflowers meant that he achieved both order and disorder in this jaw dropping display.

From spring to late autumn you will be rewarded with a vast array of colour at Giverny that will inspire even the most relcutant of gardeners. For those of you who dont have the chance to create your own, you will certainly be persuaded to bring more colour into your home, whether it be a fresh bunch of flowers every week or painting the odd wall or two, Giverny will most certainly have a lasting effect !