vista vs windows 7

We’ve all had problems with Vista but will windows 7 really deliver? Microsoft is put on the spot now with Vista not working. If Windows 7 is a flop as well, they are pretty much going to kiss their customers goodbye. Because of Vista, many people have already made that switch to Mac. Mac may be more expensive than a PC, but you definitely won’t be having all these problems to deal with.

Vista is troublesome. Here are some reasons as to why Vista failed. Remember those Apple ads that talked about how Vista is buggy, boring and difficult to use. That’s a pretty good summary of what Vista truly is. I will be amazed if Microsoft can pull off a better operating system, as there are large doubts that Windows 7 will be any better.

Let’s not forget that Vista is incredibly slow. Why is this? It’s a little thing called software bloat. There are so many changes and features to Vista which creates huge and unwieldy program codes. The wonderful XP that everyone seems to turn back to since Vista came around runs on 35 million lines of codes when it was introduced to the public. It’s currently around 40 million lines of codes due to its growth. Vista has well over 50 million lines of code. That is what slows down Vista especially if it running on anything other than the latest and fastest hardware. Windows XP outperforms the latest version of Microsoft Vista. It’s a shame that the older systems outperform the newer one(s).

On top of all that, Vista broke many things. First, when a new operating system is created it needs to be compatible with the previous systems. Microsoft greatly disregarded this fact when they created Windows Vista. Majority of the existing software and hardware are not compatible with Vista, making it hard for people to make this switch over to Vista. Basically Vista broke a lot of things that people were used to doing in XP.

Since the beta for windows 7 was released, many people have commented on how much better it runs than Vista. There are still many skeptics and reports out there that say it’s going to be as bad as Vista. We will see for ourselves after its release in 2010.