Want a Pilates Body ?

‘The Pilates body’ features long, slender thighs and calves, a strong back, a flat tummy and a firm butt ! And that’s not all. Many students of pilates claim they feel rejuvenated and refreshed after a session instead of drained and exhausted.

Pilates, which is now the hottest and most talked about fitness trend, was actually innovated by Joseph Pilates over 86 years ago. Pilates is a method of exercise that aims to develop the body’s center in order to create a stable core for all types of movements. It focuses on firming and strengthening your “core” muscles-the abdominals, gluteals and lower back.

Conventional workouts build short, bulky muscles, whereas Pilates lengthens and strengthens, developing deep muscles and an evenly conditioned body. And a body with balanced strength and flexibility is less likely to be injured. It also focuses on improving flexibility and agility and helps your posture – you’ll soon stand tall and graceful. In a nutshell, Pilates changes the way we use our bodies. You’ll find that your body will become long and lean, some have even sworn that they have gotten taller.

Pilates is also a low to non-impact workout and virtually sweat-free. So, if you hate going to the gym because you don’t want to sweat and ruin your blowdry, you won’t need to shower, or redo hair and make-up afterwards.

Why has it become so popular? Well, besides the fact that Victoria Beckham and Liz Hurley swear Pilates got them back in shape after giving birth, it’s a workout that feels almost as good and refreshing as a body massage. Other famous lovers of Pilates include Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Halle Berry, Sharon Stone and Kim Catrall.

The Pilates method is a unique, safe and effective exercise regimen leading to a sleeker, more vibrant you. A few important things to remember about Pilates :

  • Creates supple, toned and balanced body
  • Builds stronger, leaner muscles
  • Promotes good posture and graceful movements
  • Increases flexibility and agility
  • Learn correct, healthy breathing
  • A refreshing mind-body workout

Now you can start your Pilates program and get a perfect body. Good luck!