Want to Make Fast Money Online Now? You Might Want to Slow Down First

I was sitting in my dorm when I was notified that I was not accepted for a job on campus.  Having to pay my own way through college, I knew that I would have to find some other way to make money.  I turned to the place I always go for information, the internet.  At first glance I saw so many opportunities to make fast cash that I considered myself lucky to have been turned down for a job.  Online surveys for cash seemed to be the fastest legitimate way to help pay for my college expenses.  Sifting through websites, I found many offers ranging between 15 and 20 dollars, an especially large amount of money for something that takes little skill and you can do on your own time.  However, as I filled out form after form to register with all of these survey companies, I discovered that the actual money I could make off a survey came nowhere close to what they promised.  Suddenly I found myself filling out tedious surveys, which took as long as 20 minutes for about a dollar, two if I was lucky.  My email became so flooded with spam from these different companies that it became useless to check it anymore.  However, I stuck with this for a while hoping I would find a jackpot that would make all my wasted time worthwhile.  Finally, when I saw a company promising a $200 gift card for just one simple survey, it was too good to pass up.  I grew excited as the survey came to a close, only to be told I had to participate in two more ‘exercises.’  It was very convenient for the company that these ‘exercises’ cost money to complete.  It only appeared to cost a few dollars however, and I thought it might be worth the risk to pay a few bucks.  It was only after reading the fine print that I learned I would have to complete nine more exercises after these.  All of this trouble for a $200 gift card that was likely a scam and would probably never actually get delivered.  After six hours of filling out mindless forms and boring myself to death, all I had to show for it was a few dollars on some surveys and an email full of spam.  Unless you have a lot of time to waste and want to deal with plenty of false and frustrating offers, it is best to turn to an alternative way to make money.