Warning: Avoid Scams on Online Dating Websites

Although scams on dating websites have been known and investigated for several years now, it appears that they are still an ongoing problem.  For anyone using any dating or match making site , you need to be extremely careful about disclosing too much personal information while using them.  If someone requests anything which seems even a little too personal then the best advice is to turn them down.  Below I have listed some tips for avoiding or stopping these scams.

1.)  Never ever send money or gifts to someone you just met online.  This scam is commonly done from Russia or Africa but you can find them popping up worldwide these days..  Often they will start telling you they are falling in love with you after a few emails and then they will request money.  Whatever you do, NEVER send money to these people.

2.)  A big common theme in dating scams are for the scammers to post either one or a very small number of photos of beautiful young women.  I have seem them in the same age range from 24-28 yrs old on several sites. You can pretty much guarantee that these are all fake and are being run by men.  What is a real shame is that most of the photos are from girls who don’t even know they are being portrayed on these sites.

3.)  Be wary from any contacts from overseas.  If you are getting requests from someone in Russia for example then you can almost be certain it is the beginning of a scam. 

4.)  If you are contacted and then given a personal email for further communication, make sure that they do not all of a sudden quit the site you just met them on.  A common theme for these scammers is once they get a contact they are talking to, they will quickly delete their account on the dating site. 

5.)  Another common theme with these scams is for the scammer to proclaim that they are looking for someone outside of their native country because there are no “good men” or most are alcoholics (common theme for Russia). 

6.)  Once you start communicating with a scammer, you can be certain that you will receive regular emails everyday and they will pretend they are very offended if you take too long to respond.  In an article I recently read: one guy who fell for one of these scams did not respond for several days to an email and the scammer went on to say how could they treat a loved one that way.  So far, that guy had 3 emails back and forth between the two before this one!

So there you have my tips for avoiding these scams. Online dating can still be a very enjoying experience for most people, you just need to be careful.