Watch New Release Movies Online For Totally Free And No Catches

Like most human beings I love movies of all shorts. Anything from comedy to horror is fine with me but the one thing I hate is waiting to see a movie that has been advertise come out to DVD.

Last year I was searching the internet for movie sites after going to see a new release movie in the theater that was ruined by a bunch of teenagers messing around and making noise. After that I thought to myself my do I even bother wasting money to get into a theater where the snacks are over priced, where the bathroom is a mile away and anybody any age can get into pretty much any flick.

After searching I started to find lots of these little movie forum sites that where suppose to be meant for movie information but actually turned out to have links to full movies and some where still in theathers. That was almost a year ago and I would now like to share the 2 movie sites I think that are the best and virus free with you.


This is the homepage of my favourite movie link site. Its a very user friendly site that is very clean and well kept after. The owners of this site only allow links to virus free movies and have over 500 staff members checking links daily.

All you do to use this site is:

1. Type into you address bar

2. When you get to the homepage like in the picture, pick what section by year your movie might be in

3. When you see the title of your movie in the list of movies click the title

4. You will come to a poster of the movie you picked and a IMB info button for your movie. At the bottom of the movie poster you will see a link or sometimes more.

5. Click the link and follow the directions the movie hosting site provides, which is usually close the ads and hit the play button on the player.

Its really that easy. Little tip most of the time when you open the movie links you get prompted to download the divx player which is not needed so just close it down when it pops up. All movies can be watched online. I have personally been on that site for a year and its great. I have seen all the new movies on that site even the Couples Resort and Law Abiding Citizen just this week.


This is my second favorite and next most reliable movie site on the internet. This site is very similar to with only one difference, there’s more movies. Yes, this movie forum offers movies from all over the world and the users are way more out spoken about there feelngs on the movies. It also similar in the way you use it to view movies. This site also has links to the newest movies out in theathers.

So that’s pretty much it and if you got some time to kill or its a rain day feel free to check these sites out you won’t be sorry and they will save you a ton of money on rental and entrance fee’s.