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Advertising has  been  the  oxygen  for  the  most of blogs  be  they  new  comers  or  established  ones . All the Bloggers  lookout for  cash  Rewards  to give  vent to their blogging  craze  . As  Information shared  by the  Bloggers  for  the readers  appeals  them  to pay frequent  visits to their  Blog sites  and  even  they  subscribe to the Latest   Blog  Posts  and  RSS  Feeds  . 

Most  of  the  Direct Ad  Selling Ad  sites  such as  BSA accepts  the  Blogs  with  high rank and  Visitors  base  that’s  why  the  Blogs  with  Fewer  Visitors  besides  Appealing and  attractive  content looked  down upon  Blogs  . Thus  Disappointing the  New  Blogs  and  Bloggers  looking  to earn  some  revenue  from their  Blogging  Business  .  

Thanks  to which has really  solved  the  Problem  of  Selling  Ads  directly  from the  your  Blogs  . They  have  really  automated  System  to  run Ads  bought  by  the  Prospective  Advertisers  on your Blogs  .  Their  System  is  very  awesome  as  they  are  like  Ad  server  to manage  your  Ad  inventory  effectively  and  Ads  are  removed  when  their  period  is  over  .  

Acceptance: AdvertiseSpace  accepts  all  blogs  with  good  content  regardless  of  Alexa  Ranking or  Google  Page ranking  . They believe  in the  Quality  of  content  and  Frequently  updated  Blogs  .  They  have   manual  Blog  Approval system  so  when you submit  Blogs for  Approval  , they  are  approved  the  same  day  .  You  can sign  up as  publisher very easily  and  submit your  Blog  to  the  category relevant  to  your Blog. You are  at complete liberty  to manage and  add  as  many as  ten ad  slots  of  125×125  and  260×125 . As  currently  these  ad  sizes  are  available  .  In future  , more  slots will be  available  as  they  grow  up  .   

Payments : They  have  very flexible  and  automated  payment  service  . The  Bloggers  or  Publishers  are  paid  on weekly basis  when their  earnings  reach  25  Dollars  ,through  PayPal  . The  Advertiser  can buy  Ad Slots  by  PayPal  and  Credit Cards.  

Upside  : AdvertiseSpace  is  really effective  medium of  selling  Ads  on your  Blog Sites  with  guaranteed  Payments  to  your  PayPal  Account  .  Thus  giving you  complete  peace of  mind  . 

Downside :  AdvertiseSpace has  limited  Ad sizes  of 125×125  and  260 x 125  , they should  include  more ad slots  such  Bloggers  favourite  300×250 and  25×250  120 x 600 and  160 x 600 in order  to attract more   buyers  and  Publishers  to their  Advertising Marketplace  . Moreover  , AdvertiseSpace  must  include  other payment options  such as  Money Bookers  , wire Transfers , Payoneer  Debit card and  Checks  . 

Future Trend Analysis:  Keeping in View the  Current  growth rate  as  Ad marketplace  its is  predicted  that in future  it  will have  great  success  and  popularity  to its  credit  and  it  will  be  really  a  money stream  for  Bloggers  and  Publishers  worldwide  looking for  Making  some  money  from their  ad inventory .