Wedding Preparations – a Guide for Men

(please note that I wrote this in August but have only just published it)

Weddings are for her, we all know that. The thing is, with it being such a stressful time us mere mortal men need to know how on earth we can keep on the right side of our beautiful bride to be. The 2 year run up to our wedding day was an invaluable experience. I’m going to sound really old here, but if only I’d known then what I know now…
Having said that, I am still a little over 2 weeks from the day itself. I intend to write about the day itself after the event, so if part 2 of this never turns up then disregard the following as I probably never made it through alive.

Chances are your fiancee has been planning her wedding day for years. I know this is not the same for all women, but even those that say not are probably just in self denial. This utter confidence in how the day will progress, from dress design to what time the doves will be released inspires total complacency in men. She has everything in hand, so as long as you choose your best man you have everything covered. Except that because you haven’t offered an opinion on anything, logic quite clearly dictates that you don’t care about the wedding and you obviously don’t want to go through with it. Yes, I know that this is an entirely unreasonable over reaction but all she needs to know is that you care. Show interest, talk about things. Show initiative and do some research into things you know a bit about or that can involve you. The suits, the wedding car, possible honeymoon destinations. You are encouraged to have an opinion, just don’t get down heartened if you are constantly wrong. Even more crucial is to talk about things that are really important to you. Despite the old adage about all you have to do is turn up, it is your day too and if there are one or two things you really care about, then they can help you put your mark on the wedding day. It is strange how the smallest of marks of personality can make a difference to the way you feel yourself. I digress, I am no soft furnishings fan but I still really like the one thing in our lounge that I chose. This mark of personalisation is important to me, childish as that may sound and I have no doubt that this will be the same with our wedding.
The saddest part of all though is that this is not rocket science. Nothing talked about above is any departure from how a woman should be treated. Show respect, listen with interest when talking about things that interest her and be spontaneous. If only I had realised this 2 years ago…