Weight Loss And Diet Tips

If you want to lose body fat as fast as possible, there are a several obvious things you absolutely must do, in addition to some things that are not so obvious. In this article, we will discuss one of the not-so-obvious necessities for maximal fat loss. This one tip can make a huge difference in your bottom line results. Unfortunately, it typically goes unnoticed by most dieters.

Research has proven that during calorie restriction, dieters experience a decrease in physical activity. This is no secret to an experienced fat loss coach. However, although many dieters experience the energy zapping effects of dieting, they are unaware of the direct correlation.

This is a serious problem because when you start to move less, you will burn fewer calories and slow your metabolism. If you are to lose fat effectively and keep it off for life, you must consciously push yourself through the fatigue and stay active. If you don’t make this effort your weight loss will slow down DESPITE a low caloric intake.

This is also one of the main reasons why so many dieters rapidly regain the weight that they have lost on calorie-restrictive diets.

This reduction in energy levels is simply part of the body’s “survival response”. In order to survive a state of calorie deprivation, your body will want to burn less fuel in order to conserve its energy reserves.

You see, your body doesn’t know whether you are intentionally reducing calories to better fit into your bathing suit, or you are entering starvation mode due to a life threatening famine. So this metabolic slowdown is actually a safety precaution that could save your life in times of famine – but in this modern day and age, the same physiological phenomenon turns out to be every dieter’s biggest nightmare.

If you always go about your fat loss goals by following low calorie diets, I’m sure you experience fast initial weight loss followed by a plateau, and lastly followed by a swift rebound in your weight. This plan will give you a false sense of “success” initially. Then you will regain all of your weight (and then some) before you begin this process all over again.

When you want REAL, sustainable results, you’ll need a completely different plan. In order to achieve permanent fat loss, you MUST burn off your body fat with higher levels of exercise (both resistance training and intervals) in addition to following a nutritional plan consisting of clean food.

Some people claim to have real-life stories of dieters losing weight without exercising. Although you can lose weight by dieting alone, you will never truly transform your body.

Dieting alone leads to substantial losses in lean muscle tissue. This means a significant portion of your weight loss is coming from losses in muscle rather than fat. This is obviously not your goal. Furthermore, losing this metabolic stimulating muscle mass will actually slow down your metabolism considerably, making future fat loss and maintenance of your fat loss virtually impossible.

So if you want to transform your body once and for all, follow this advice. Diet moderately and burn your fat through a well-designed training routine. This way, you will be energized instead of exhausted, satisfied instead of hungry and fit instead of “skinny-fat”. Now get moving towards your new body!