Weight Loss, Easy Money, Writing For Profit And The Magic Bullet

Everywhere you turn, there are products which are designed to help you lose weight, write better, and make easy money. Each of these offers a simple program with a dollar value attached. You pay for the program, you will start to see results. What the online marketers fail to mention is that you already know how to lose weight, write better, and make easy money and don’t need their products. They are capitalizing on the fact that you are looking for the easy way to do something, the magic bullet, if you will.

You are looking for the easy way. You are hoping, deep down in your heart, that this program will be the best way to get what you need. You might need a few extra dollars to finance your dreams, you want to lose the weight to fit into the high school dress, or write your way to millions. You already know the way, but you want validation for your efforts.

Look at the weight loss programs. There are several step by step guides to losing weight. They require that you avoid fried foods, exercise some moderation, and exercise to your heart’s content. You will receive lower calorie recipes, each designed to help you drop those pounds. There are some which rely on pills to increase your metabolism, some which claim that you have to jump on chairs, still others which make you dream of eating celery for the rest of your life. You lose weight by eating less calories than you burn. That’s all.

How about making money? Making money is about building relationships and cultivating trust. These online money making programs are systems to get you to that point, but the concept is the same in each of the methods. Build relationships with enough people, some of them will see you as a resource and an expert, and sell them a product. The concept is as old as the hills, and yet there are thousands of people who would write lame PLR articles about it. They don’t tell you that you already have the key. After all, that would ruin the system.

Writing. How do you write better? You write. All the time. You look at the things that other people have written, then you write more. Some people have inherent talent at writing, others don’t. Either way, everything comes down to writing. The programs to help you write better come to this simple fact. You can try writing poetry, writing blog posts, writing articles, but it comes down to writing. You don’t need a special program to tell you that. You need to have a keyboard at your fingertips or a pen in your hand and just write.

Looking for the magic bullet is not a solitary task. There are plenty of others who want to find the easy way to making money, to losing weight, to finding the motivation to write. People want something to believe in. People want something that they can trust. The weight loss systems work. The money making systems work. The writing systems work. All of them do, because they are based on the primary principle that if you lower your intake, develop relationships, and simply write… it’s bound to work.

Before you purchase that next online money making scheme, or the weight loss program designed to make you lose hundreds of pounds, or that writing system which is guaranteed to make you a best-selling author, think about what they are actually selling. Are they truly selling you the magic bullet? Are they selling you the key to enlightenment for $19.95? If you put forth the effort, you can do it all on your own.