Weight Loss Guide – The Gym

The Gym


Nowadays there is no person who doesn’t know what a Gym is and that is one of the fastest ways of getting fit, but it is only one of the fastest if you know what you are doing. You don’t just enter the gym and start doing whatever you think will work. You HAVE to know the correct way of doing each exercise or otherwise you could hurt yourself really badly. You need to have someone teach you how to do them or learn by yourself from videos , but you need to know how, before attempting to do them. Another reason you need someone to guide you or a site or book to research by yourself is that you won’t be able to create an effective workout if you don’t know the principles involved in one. You need to do research based on which results you are hopping to achieve. To develop every body type, you need to do a different kind of workout. If you want to be big, get toned, both or whatever you wan’t to get from your workout requires a different training program.

For a toned body:

tone bodytone body

For many people, the big and muscular kind of body isn’t as appealing as a medium sized toned body. As you may know, the most basic toning workout consists a LOT of fast paced reps with medium to low weight. Of course this is, as i said, a basic workout and you should try to aim for better developed training programs which you can easily find online.

2 Workouts I tryed and proved to be extremely effective are; the workout used for the conditioning of the spartacus series’s actors and doing series of exercises really fast with no rest between exercises and, instead, resting when you finish each series. Both are high intensity workouts and are not recommended if you have never trained with weight.

For a big body:

big bodybig body

People who like to have really big guns, big pecs, big everything, will need a completely different kind of workout and a different kind of diet. The most basic muscle size gaining workout is medium to decent amount of reps with medium to high weight. People aiming for big muscles also need to make a change in their diets. They have to create a dieting regime that will give them the results they are hoping for. Having a poorly planned dieting program may be as detrimental as a poorly planned training program.

Personally I have never researched about size gaining workouts because I am happy with my muscle size and all the workouts i have done were to gain definition.

Final comments

Designing a workout and dieting program that fits you is not that hard and, even though there will always be more effective workouts out there, it just takes you a coulpe of minutes or maybe an hour on google or with a personal trainer to create an excellent, effective training program.