What a Strange Thing Love Is….

If you seek love,
It cannot be found

When you don’t look for love,
it comes knocking on your door.

When you don’t want to love,
It tightens its grip on you.

Just when you give up on love,
It won’t give up on you.

Indeed, what a strange thing love is….

Simple yet complicated,
Straightforward but ironic….

The more you fight love, the more it grows
The more you deny it, the more it flows
The more you hide it, the more it shows

There is just no escape
When love hits you
Give in to the feeling
That’s all you can do.

Love… is mysterious indeed.
It’s beyond our grasps.
Truly, the heart has reasons
Even reason does not comprehend.

So live love, enjoy love
Make love last….
Be one of the lucky few
That found true love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to All!