What Aminals Should Really Mean to us

   I grew up alaways having animals around me. I know they are special and care about us no matter what. Cats, dogs, birds, snakes and many other kind of pets that we keep in our homes and care for them.

   What if we weren’t into animals and didn’t care about what happens to them? Would it matter what would happen to them? So, I’m going to take a look at some of these things and ways that we should take care of the animals around us and in other places.

   Animal preserves are the biggest places around that have all kinds of wild animals. We put animals like in places like this to protect them from people that want to kill them. Yes, animals get killed for many reasons. they are killed for thier hides, for food and for other places like zoos.

   I feel bad that people don’t care about what they do to animals. Becasue animals are called lower then us, we have a habit of not seeming to care about them. That is wrong! We need to care about animals because they have been here longer then we have. We should do everything in our power to pretect them.

   Zoos are around everywhere. They are in almost every city around the world. Not every country has them though. We spend money to go see animals from all over the world. We walk around the zoos and watch the different kinds of animals and what they do. Many people spend thousands of dollars to keep the zoos up and running. We need to have places for all the animals that are out there and are in trouble of dying a good, safe place to live out thier lives. Its important to help out those that are weaker then us.

   In the wild, where all the animals live mostly. They live thier lives the best they can. But, when things they have no control over ends up happening to them then, what can they do! We watch as habitats get destroyed by us. We make more room for us to live. Too often, we don’t realize what can happen after we take somehing away. Animals have a way of shocking us and do many different things for thier survival. They will come down into towns and cities to look for food, sometimes they will even come looking for places to sleep and make a new home.

   Yes, I know that some animals can be pests. But, every animal deserves a chance. We just need to think about what we do when it comes to taking care of them. Not being crewl and mean to animals is a start. Do what is right when it comes to the animals we care for and call our family members. When it comes to wild animals, we need to do what is right by them as will.